Listing of $ROOBEE on SWFT Blockchain!

Aug 25 · 2 min read
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We have some excellent news! More and more platforms are listing the $ROOBEE token — this time, $ROOBEE has been listed on the SWFT Blockchain exchange platform!

What are some of the platform’s advantages? There is no order book in the conventional sense, plus, token swaps are processed instantly!

  • Also, the SWFT Blockchain platform has a feature which lets you share tokens of different projects with your friends by sending them a Red Packet. For example, you can send a red packet of $ROOBEE tokens.
  • Or, with SWFT Pay, you are able to send and receive $ROOBEE with just a link (no need to worry about addresses) which can be sent on any messaging platform. You can request $ROOBEE payments with a link too!

When you receive a payment with a link you can then cash it out to a wallet of your choice or claim it in your wallet on SWFT Blockchain 🙂

On the platform, you can exchange $ROOBEE for more than a hundred of cryptocurrencies:

  • 81 coins and tokens
  • 20 tokens of DeFi projects
  • 12 stablecoins ($USDT, $BUSD, $DAI, $USDJ and more)

How to exchange crypto?

It’s easy: go to SWFT Blockchain → sign in → replenish the wallet with the cryptocurrency you want to swap → select this cryptocurrency in the list → find and select the $ROOBEE token → swap!

Just a few simple steps and the swap is complete.

✅ To exchange crypto, you can use the web version of SWFT Blockchain or the platform’s apps for Android and iOS.

We are glad that the number of platforms where you can exchange $ROOBEE keeps on growing. With SWFT Blockchain it’s even cooler, as you can surprise your friends and send them some $ROOBEE as a gift by using the red packet feature ✌️

You can keep track of the updates on Roobee social networks.

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