📣 Trading contest on Gate.io! 1,000,000+ $ROOBEE in rewards 🎉

Dec 4, 2020 · 2 min read
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We and our friends at Gate.io have prepared for you a very cool contest with a prize pool of more than 1,000,000 $ROOBEE! The contest starts very soon 🔥

⏰ Contest period
Starting date: December 4 at 16:00 (UTC +3)
Closing date: December 13 at 16:00 (UTC +3)

📝 How to join
1. Buy at least 5,000 $ROOBEE during the contest period
2. Hold at least 5,000 $ROOBEE until the end of the contest
3. Fill out the participation form:

🏆 The top 100 participants who have purchased and held the most ROOBEE until the end of the contest will share the ROOBEE prize pool:

  • ТOP 1: $800 in ROOBEE tokens
  • ТOP 2: $600 in ROOBEE tokens
  • ТOP 3: $500 in ROOBEE tokens
  • ТOP 4: $350 in ROOBEE tokens
  • ТOP 5: $250 in ROOBEE tokens
  • TOP 6–100 participants will proportionally share about $600 in ROOBEE tokens according to the amount of tokens purchased.

The more $ROOBEE tokens you buy on Gate.io during the contest period, the more chances to enter the TOP 100 list you have 💪

You can find the contest rules here: https://www.gate.io/en/article/18466

We start today at 16:00 (UTC +3) 🚀

You can keep track of the updates on Roobee social networks.

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