NBA DFS 10/21

By: Jamie Thompson (@antwanjamieson) & Neelesh Tekal (@neeeeeelyt)

JT Picks:

Three picks I like:

Reggie Jackson: Jackson will be guarded by Ramon Sessions.

Kyle Anderson: With Kawhi out, Anderson will see starter minutes and he can fill up the stat sheet.

Danilo Gallinari: I think he’s underpriced after scoring only 11 points on Thursday night.

NT Picks:

(Full disclosure — I absolutely despise this team but my model told me to try… that being said, I am going to seriously need to update my model)

Three picks I like:

P.J. Tucker: He had a great game the other night and while CP3 and Harden figure out how to play on the court together at the same time, it means he can just do his thing.

Lamarcus Aldridge: Man got paid & a veeeeeeeeery bad Chicago Bulls team means LA can just do his thing.

Devin Booker: Yes, I know he’s questionable tonight but that’s what makes him undervalued — if he can play anything like his season opener, it will give a huge advantage to this lineup.

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