Holiday Gifts for the Teachers in your Life

While many of us are hearing sleigh bells this holiday seasons, teachers around the country are waiting on a slightly different chime: that of the dismissal bell. Soon, teachers and students alike will embark on their hard-earned winter breaks. Whether spending time with family at home or traveling abroad, we know that time away from the building is crucial to recharging.

Before we go racing out of the building, let’s pause to consider the reason for the season: gratitude. The research suggests that over the course of a year, a teacher spends more quality time with a child than his or her parents. For someone so important in your life, finding the perfect gift can be stressful and overwhelming. This week, we’re breaking it down to make gift-giving easy and fun for every teacher in your life!

The best part? All of our gift ideas are low cost, tapping in the $20 mark. Read on for the list of room2learn suggestions.

The Foodie Teacher

Who doesn’t like some treats to brighten up a day? We love this goodie tumbler for its flexibility! Depending on the teacher’s snack preferences, you can customize the tumbler and fill it with goodies like gummy bears, peppermint patties, or chocolate caramel bites! Here’s a free printable tag to add to your DIY creation.

The Pampered Teacher

After all the homework-grading and lesson-prepping, teachers just need to relax and de-stress. This pedicure in a jar is a great gift for any teacher who loves to be pampered! This holiday season, gift a teacher the gift of unwinding — and some happy feet!

The Artsy Teacher

We love this DIY art piece by Amber Bailey on Pinterest. It’s simple to make and doesn’t require a lot of supplies — just a picture frame, a pack of crayons, glue, and some paper or label. Another popular DIY gift is a crayon-lined mason jar — all you have to do is glue-gun some crayons (or other 3D decor) to a clean jar — could even be an old candle jar (example from Artsy Craftsy Mom). Both are great ideas for teachers with artistic flairs!

The Fun Teacher

Who said learning has to be all work and no play? We love when teachers incorporate fun and games into the classroom. Here is a selection of board games to compile a games corner in the classroom! Our current favorites are Codenames and Bananagrams.

The Active Teacher

For teachers new to shifting up classroom layouts, flexible seating is a great entryway. But getting active in the classroom isn’t just for students! This year, why not give your teacher a yoga ball or a DIY standing desk, so that they can stay active with their students.

The Earthy Teacher

At room2learn, we are always talking about greening up the classroom. Worried about keeping plants alive? Fear not, succulents are here! This year, terrariums have been all the rage in room decor, and classrooms are no exception. Team up with someone to buy a aesthetic geometric planter and a planting kit, or make one yourself! Here’s a simple how-to video on creating your own DIY terrarium.

What did you give your teacher(s) this year? Share your creations and gifts on Instagram and tag us at @room2learn, or Tweet at us at @HackClassrooms. We always love to see your creations!