Top 5 School Design Hacks of 2017

by room2learn

School’s out! Summer is in full swing, and hopefully you are finding time for some rest and relaxation. Judging from all the innovative hacks you uploaded over the year, you absolutely deserve it. To celebrate you, our community, and all the edu-innovations you shared with us this year, we’re going to highlight some particularly inspiring hacks. Enjoy!

Goals, Goals, Goals

Got an empty wall or bulletin board? Why not pin up students’ goals or classroom expectations? Displaying goals in such a prominent, public way can motivate students to work harder on achieving shared goals or abiding by classroom norms. It also creates a sense of school identity — it shows that we are all in this community together.

Flexible Storage

This chair storage solution helps make the classroom more flexible. We believe that collaborative group tables are better for student work than individual desks, but students still need a place to store their belongings. This chair storage solution is perfectly convenient way for students to store school supplies. You can also DIY your own by flexible storage by reusing old canvas bags or aprons!

It’s Easy Being Green

This wall plant hack is a favorite from our post on greenery. Whether you are in a rural, suburban, or urban environment, you can always add greenery to your classroom by hanging hardy, easy-to-maintain succulents on your walls! You even can reuse old bags or towels in this easy DIY solution.

Go Big on Labels!

This is perhaps our simplest, yet most effective hack. Essentially, the larger the label, the easier it will be for your students to find and return materials. It’s that easy, we promise. Try it.

Who’s In? Who’s Out?

Keep track of your students while also building their sense of accountability. These magnets are an easy, minimally-distracting way for students to update their whereabouts as they go about their days. If you don’t have a magnetic surface in your classroom, you can easily add an adhesive magnetic sheet or improvise with a board and clothespins.

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As always, we want to know what hacks you used in your classroom this year! Share with fellow edu-innovators on and Tweet us at @HackClassrooms!

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