#SharedLiving is trust the key to reshaping how we live in cities?

What is shared living? Share a living space with people who have common ideas, ambitions, and interests. In a high-tech, low-touch world, the shared-living movement is helping to create great connections and opportunities amid the hustle and grind of city living.

Is trust the key to reshaping how we live in cities?

Space is a at a premium in all major cities worldwide, so building new developments to satisfy demand for #sharedliving isn’t a viable idea. But repurposing and redesigning existing space is.

That’s why we are analyzing one of the key elements of a successful sharing economy. Trust. In a PwC survey, 89% of consumer panelists agreed that the sharing economy marketplace is based on trust between providers and users.

Rachel Botsman believes that we are on the edge of a “collaborative revolution” where the currency of the new economy is trust and reputation.

A Collaborative Revolution

She also explores how “trust” and “reputation” are connected and will potentially be more important than our credit scores in the new economy we’re entering! “It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be able to perform a Facebook or Google-like search and see a complete picture of someone’s behaviours in different contexts over time…a real-time stream of who has trusted you.”

“I’ve looked at thousands of these market places and trust and efficiency are always the critical ingredients”

Trust, safety and comfort are fundamentally important to us at RoomForTea. When you book you’re booking accommodation you can trust with a host we have met. Each new host gets verified by a member of the RoomForTea team before they can list their rooms and all guests have to submit references, also verified by a member of the RoomForTea team, before they can book. We want to ensure the safety and quality within our entire community.

“Safety and Quality within our entire community”

What do you think about Rachel’s ideas of a currency of trust and reputation? Can her ideas accelerate the #sharedliving movement within cities?

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