Two lives, two stories, one room for tea!

Sarah & Maddy’s story

Big cities offer us big challenges but also big opportunities; now more than ever young people come to big cities like London to study, to start their careers and connect with other like-minded individuals.

This is the story of Sarah & Maddy, two lives, two stories and one room for tea to bring them together!

Roomfortea is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform that connected Sarah, and Maddy, through their online platform. Roomfortea connects young people in need of mid-term, affordable accommodation in London with hosts who have a spare room in their homes.

Maddy decided to go back to University and pursue a post-graduate degree after travelling in Latin America. She returned home with her Dad in Blackheath to save money and pay for her postgrad degree; Maddy and her Dad had a spare room and after looking for the best alternative to rent the room, they found roomfortea and decided it was the best option for them to find a short-term lodger because roomfortea asks for reference and it is a trustworthy and friendly service.

Sarah was looking for temporary accommodation and she also was studying a post-graduate degree; she read an article in a newspaper about sociable housing and she thought it sounded good!

Sarah liked the idea of how roomfortea works as it seemed an affordable and wonderful way to live in London. She says the website is easy to use, and it seemed a lot less daunting than Spare Room as the roomfortea team checks all hosts and properties they put on their website.

Sarah said “What I love the most about my host is that the home that so close to Blackheath Common, and I love how quiet and calm it is. Plus, Maddy is an absolutely amazing baker!”

Sarah added “Everyone is great to live with and easy to get along with. I really feel that I’ve fallen in my feet”

Maddy commented “At home we are all very busy all the time and what’s nice about having Sarah at home is that we both have a global mindset, we are both studying and understand each other’s life style and it is great to share my home with Sarah and prepare a nice meal or cup of tea with a good friend”

Fun facts: Sarah’s favourite cup of tea is Chamomile and Maddy’s favourite homemade bread is banana bread!

Sarah was living at Maddy’s home in Blackheath from November to December 2016.

Sarah and Maddy are now finishing their post-graduate degrees and they are both ready for new adventures.

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