Evan, Male, Freshman, 18 Years old, Lives On Campus.

Length of Interview


Living Situation

Evan lives in a hall style dorm with one roommate. There are twenty people on his floor and they all share a bathroom with two toilets, three sinks, and two showers. He says that his girlfriend and some of his other friends are in a suite style dorm and he would prefer to be in a suite style himself. He does not dislike the hall style dorms, or his roommate, he just thinks that the living arrangement of a suite style dorm would better suit him.

Roommate Relationships

Evan has known his roommate since seventh grade. They went to both junior high and high school together. He said they did not start hanging out regularly until their senior year of high school, and when they both knew they were going to Western they both liked the idea of living with someone they knew opposed to a completely random roommate.

I asked Evan about privacy and he said that they are definitely good about that. He said both of them are respectful of each other’s space and that he gets enough time to himself which can be hard in the dorms.

Roommate Interactivity

Living in a dorm is different than living in a house in that when both Evan and his roommate are at the dorm, they are in the same room all the time. There is no other room to go to. Aside from simply sharing a room, Evan and his roommate go to the dining hall together for almost every meal, and invite each other wherever the other person is going. They also go to parties, the rec center, some school sponsored events, and meet up with friend groups. Since Evan has a girlfriend I asked him if it is ever him, his girlfriend, and his roommate and he said yes, and that his roommate never seems like or feels like a third wheel when she is around.

Being Close and Trust

I asked Evan if he was close with his roommate and if he trusted his roommate, and what being close and trust mean to him.

What close means to Evan is that him and the person he is close with would hangout outside of school every once in a while, but not share secrets or anything like that. Evan says that him and his roommate are close and would consider them good friends, but their relationship is not one where he would share girlfriend problems, or family problems, and neither would his roommate. He said that they are close enough this early in the school year that they have already talked about living together with another guy or two next year outside of the dorms.

What trust means to Evan is if his valuables are out he can trust him not to take them, and if something is missing and Evan asked where it was he knows his roommate will tell him the truth. Trust is not only material things, he also trusts his roommate’s word and what his roommate says in conversations. He never feels like his roommate is lying to him or is acting sketchy.

Last Words

“I feel like my roommate and I have a better roommate relationship than most. I think knowing someone before you move in with them is better than having a random roommate. I would not want a random roommate.”

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