Generation Z’s Top Career Choice: iPhone App Development

Learn why Generation Z is excited to be the best iPhone app developers. The author takes a stroll through the change of career tastes amidst different generations.

Image Source by cbsnews

IAS’s (Administrative Officer), Doctors. Engineers. Lawyers … There was a time when kids wanted to be one of them. But that was for Generation X (1960–1980). Things changed much for Millennials or Generation Y (1980–2000) with the boom of the WWW era, and so did change the career objectives of kids born in that. The lucrative options that enticed Gen X for years got diluted to some extent with the emergence of IT opportunities like software development and web development. Afterwards, there was no look back in the IT. The remarkable change that happened for Generation Z is the shrinking of desktop usage and shifting of users to smartphones. Without any ifs and buts, iPhone became a dominant force. With the popularity of iPhone creating new records, we got a new discipline called iPhone apps development. You won’t be surprised today, if kids today answer to the very simple question as: I want to be the best iPhone app developer.

It’s a moment of pride for best iPhone app developers, and every iPhone apps development company. App Store is on the pinnacle of success. Pressing the reverse button, you will learn that Apple has achieved a remarkable success in less than 8 years. The show that started with 500 apps in 2008 has culminated into a blockbuster — today, it has a whooping 1.5 million apps, over 100 billion downloads record in favor, and over 10 million registered iOS or iPhone app developers across the world. Apple knows the worth and, hence, it does give them a humble share of the earnings made through the App Store. So far, the company has showered best iPhone app developers with over USD 40 billion.

Apart from giving them the due share in profit, it also believes in sharing knowledge and skills regarding best iPhone app development. It annually conducts a worldwide iPhone developers conference for that. It understands their challenges and provides them with the desired solutions. Participants get opportunities to have in-depth technology know-how sessions with Apple engineers. This helps them to perform better and deliver quality apps to woo iPhone consumers who are getting demanding with every passing day.

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