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Corporate Wellness

From our childhood, we have been taught a lesson that a sound health is a reward and no amount or type of wealth on the planet can substitute for it. Ms Nicole Seah took this lesson by heart and founded Rewardz in 2012 after quitting a job with Credit Suisse. She received a holistic support from her husband Sudhanshu Tewari, CEO and Chief Technology Officer. The objective was to facilitate corporates with a bespoke corporate wellness program that can help employees stay fit and motivated and, therefore, contribute in the growth of the organizations.

However, managing the fitness progress of individual employees and their rewards was an arduous task. To make it seamless and transparent, the company decided to go with an app called SKOR and it partnered with Root Info Solutions, a UK-based mobile app development company. With a bid to make the corporate wellness program more accessible, Rewardz planned to have an app built for Android and iOS both platforms and opted for Android and iOS app development services of Root Info Solutions.

Here is a glimpse of SKOR

A. Dashboard

1. What’s On

On this section, users can know about the latest happenings in the wellness program. The app also greets users on occasions that matter the most to them like birthday and marriage anniversary.

2. Point Summary

Users can track how long have they come on their fitness track. The point tally keeps them inspired and urges them to be on their toes to cover more milestones and collect more points.

B. Calendar

A healthy life is nothing but a consistent effort put over a period. Hence, calendar was pivotal to it. Android and iOS developers have integrated API services, including greeting API and event API based on Google calendar to update users regarding events, appointments, greetings, etc. they could be interested in on a monthly and weekly basis.

C. History

Weekly or monthly data pertaining to steps taken, calories burnt, rewards earned and redemption made are detailed here with the help of history API service. Android and iOS Swift app developers have given a considerable thought before integrating the API so that users usher in seamless experience. The idea of coming up with a detailed history is to help users stay in the know as how they are performing and what they need to do to achieve higher fitness goals.

D. Rewards

It consists of 2 Sections.

1) Discount Rewards 2) Point Rewards

Based on the points or discounts gained, users can check their entitlements in different categories. They can make the best decision based on the discounts available. In case, their current status is not enough to bag the offerings of their desired, they can target higher fitness goals.

Different redemption modes are available with the app as given in the image.

E. Redemption

Through the Redemption screen, users can redeem the points against various offerings across categories such as food and beverage, health and fitness, and lifestyle and recreation. Participating vendors need to keep this screen updated with the latest offerings to woo the consumers.

F. Help and Support

This is to help users find quick and easy resolutions to any problem regarding the app or the offerings. They can drop an email to the respective vendors or access a self-help section offered with solutions.

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