Misinformation About Natural Wine Could Stop You Drinking the Best Wine of Your Life

From a sommelier who has sold natural wines for more than a decade

Sam Dixon Brown


A bottle and glass of red wine with vineyards and sunset in the background
Image by author. Natural Beaujolais

I’ve been drinking natural wine since 2009. And listening to people bad-mouth it for just as long.

Natural wines — wines that are farmed organically and made with minimal manipulation or chemical additions in the cellar — have been the butt of many jokes in the traditional wine trade.

Critics and merchants have taken potshots, labeling them undrinkable and a scam. Countless pseudo-scientific articles have been written criticizing natural wines' health and environmental benefits based on myths, misinformation, or straw man arguments.

As a sommelier who has sold and championed natural wine for more than a decade, this irks me.

These criticisms are often used as a justification that there are no benefits to natural wine and that consumers should continue drinking harmful industrial wines, guilt-free.

Furthermore, misinformation and jokes prevent many more people from discovering the joy that comes with great natural wine and frankly missing out on many of the best wines being made today.

Get ready for a whole new world of flavor