Doc’s personality captured in a photo

The Pipe and All Its Glory

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” — Robin Williams
Professor at Emory University
Chief of anesthesia at Emory University Hospital
Doc was a running back for the Northwestern University football team.
My brother kindly abusing me
Memorial bricks at Lake Burton park with a Miller Lite to honor my grandfather and uncle.
The original cabin and boat house at Lake Burton 1971
Fourth of July at the Dunbars (this is what the house looks like today)
I promise I was happy in this picture with Doc
View from my house on Lake Burton
This is the house my family lived in when I was born — Atlanta, GA
My dad and I probably laughing at Winnie the Pooh — our favorite movie that we watched countless times.
Grammie and Doc on their 50th wedding aniversary renewing their vows at my aunt, Debbie’s, house in Atlanta.
Doc with his first mounted deer some time in the 70s — he took his hunting very seriously (anyone who comes to our house on Lake Burton would know this after seeing 3 mounted deer, 2 ducks, and another bird hanging throughout the house. He also liked to stuff and mount his proudest fish catches.)
Ronald Ward Dunbar on the left being awarded athletic honors at Northwestern University
Doc is on the far right (Dunbar) playing running back
Doc coaching my uncle Steve’s first soccer team in the 70s (of course he is smoking his pipe). Steve went on to play soccer at Wakeforest University and still plays to this day at age 49.
Doc running a marathon (he took exercise very seriously)
One of the many awards Doc received as a Medical Doctor
His lab coat that he wore while practicing at Emory University Hospital
I won’t name names, but some family at the lake may or may not have nailed a Georgia flag on Nick Saban’s boat house in the middle of the night. Go dawgs!
Making Doc’s famous beer cheese! …yes it actually has beer in it. This was taken in 1999 at Grammie and Doc’s house in Atlanta — 1993 Grand Prix Drive
Doc on his birthday — July 6th — eating his favorite pineapple upside down cake. Nobody liked that cake so he had it all to himself every year and always ate every bite eventually.
My beautiful mother and Doc on her wedding day — March 9th 1990
…back when my aunts and uncles all thought they were done having babies — there ended up being two more in the years to come. Back: Marshall holding Jack. Middle: Katie, Grammie, Will (my brother). Front: Ryan, Michael, Laura, Kristi, Doc, Tyler, Megan, Emily. Not pictured/not in existence yet: Anna and Whitney.
My mother with her parents, Jane and Ron, on her wedding day.
My brother with our great grandmother, Willamean (Billie) Anderson (Grammie’s mother), at my mom’s brother, Steve’s, wedding.
Doc and Grammie would come to each of their kid’s houses on Christmas morning to give all of their grandchildren presents. Grammie continues to do this every year even after Doc’s passing.
Mike Dunbar, the third of 6, got accepted to the University of Georgia with intent on Veterinary School. He eventually wanted to move to live permanently in the north Georgia mountains, but tragically passed away when he was 18 in a car accident driving home from Mark’s Marine in the late summer of 1982. He is buried at Floral Hills Cemetery in Atlanta, GA along with a plaque remembering my grandfather, Ronald Ward Dunbar.
Back row from left to right: Julie Ann Dunbar Stubbs, Deborah (Debbie) Lynn Dunbar Wellborn, Michael Martin Dunbar. Front row from left to right: Kristin Sue Dunbar Eith, Stephen (Steve) Patrick Dunbar, Elizabeth (Beth) Jane Dunbar Hudson
The newest addition to the Dunbar family — Whitney Kate Dunbar (daughter of Steve and Angela) born September 23rd 2013. I added this picture mainly because it’s funny but also because Whitney was born the year after Doc died. Some of think of her as a light that shined during our mourning of Doc’s death.
Another Whitney picture because she is just so cute. This was taken on her first day of pre school.
Julie, Mike, Steve, and Debbie in Germany 1966
Mike’s Christening 1963. From left to right: Jane (Grammie), Julie, Debbie, Mike, and Ron (Doc).
My mom and her older sister, Debbie, on Christmas morning. The funny thing about this picture is that those stockings still exist today and my grandmother still hangs them up during Christmas time.
My mom’s wedding day. From left to right: Kristin, Debbie, Julie, Steve, and Beth. My mom always brags about her bridesmaids dresses because they were featured in a bridal magazine, but I think they are hideous. She always tells me, “They were so in at the time!”
Left to right: Julie, Grammie, Steve, Mike, Debbie. The boys are wearing the lederhosen britches in Germany, which I talked about in my annotated bibliography.
Grandma and Grandpa Dunbar with Debbie and my mom, Julie in 1963.
My mom sent this to me and I could have sworn that Debbie (on the left) was my cousin, Megan, who is her daughter. My brother, Will, also looks identical to my Uncle Mike, who is standing on the fireplace with my mom.
Doc enjoying a beer while playing with Debbie (left) and my mom (in the crib).
This is my mom’s favorite picture. It was taken in 1982 right before Mike (right) passed away. My mom said that this was during a weekend when Grammie and Doc were out of town, so naturally my mom and her siblings and all of their friends headed to the lake where they played quarters, tanned, swam, and skied. Nothing has changed to this day.
Grandma (Genevieve Ward) and Grandpa (Harry Whitney) Dunbar 1962
Doc with Grandpa Dunbar on his 75th birthday
The Dunbar family with their dog, Sheba.