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Filmm: Video-Editor Inspired by the 70's

Filmm is a new video editing app inspired by the style of ’70s. The application is aiming at active Instagram and Snapchat users and offers a great set of tools to process videos: from cropping several video clips at once to adding music.

One of the app creators is a much popular British social media personality Zoë Sugg who has millions of Instagram followers. Thanks to that Filmm has a whole lot of regular and new users and its IG profile totals to 130 followers offering multiple new videos made with Filmm on a daily basis.

Filters and Effects

​​​​​​​The main feature of the application is a large library with unique filters and video effects: light overlays, subtle distortions, film textures, vintage frames and much more.

All the promo materials to showcase new filters and effects are crafted by the app creators themselves through collaboration with models, photographers and videographers. No stock photos are used in the app or the IG profile. So, Filmm has acquired its own language to stand out from the competitors.


Filmm comes up with a lot of video-processing options: filters, video effects and vintage frames. The app creators have made up a feature which would help a user to apply all those settings in one tap, it’s called the Looks menu. Here you can find different well-balanced and poised sets of filters, effects and frames.


You can add music to your video clip through choosing it either among your own files or from the library offered by the app — the creators handpicked some splendid music for your lifestyle videos. Working with content you can trim your track, add one more or record your own voice on a video. If you use several clips at once, you can make advantage of the feature called Cut to beat and trim the clips in time with the music.

Version 4.0

Filmm is regularly enhanced and updated to be complemented with new features and tricks. One of the recent updates offered a reorganized flow of working with clips — we combined several functions of the main menu into one user-friendly panel you can get onto your video clip screen in one tap. You can also find here another great feature — transitions between clips. With this at hand you can set up impressive animated transitions.

Design and Development Solutions

To ensure the best-possible UX we followed the concept of non-destructive video editing — an original video file remains unchanged until its export.

The video processing logic was implemented through using the Metal API which made the app conducive to multiple video conversions almost on the fly without interrupting a user.

The use of LUT solutions allowed us to apply an unlimited number of settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation and others.

Facts and Figures

Since launch in May 2019 the app has received over 18000 ratings on the Apple Store in the US with the average rating of 4.79, more than 2 million downloads and more than 4000 unique daily sessions.

The app has been repeatedly featured by Apple and was mentioned during the Apple Special Event in September 2019.

Filmm is available on the App Store and the Google Play ❤️



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