Graphing Calculator Pro2

Sep 3 · 2 min read

By Max Pakhandrin, UI/UX Designer at Rosberry

Graphing Calculator Pro² is the app based on classical TI-84, a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments in 2004. TI-84 quickly won its international recognition and at the moment has two updated revisions. Now there are lots of people who would like to have this calculator on their mobile devices.

We had the task to rethink the original T-84’s functionality and make it mobile-friendly. Our enhanced version has inherited the functionality of the original. We had to renew the design to make it look trendy but familiar to the users of the original calculator.

Just as the handled calculator, Graphing Calculator Pro² allows to build graphs, solve equation systems and complete tasks with the variables. It also has built-in tutorials to help new users to work in an easy and comfy way.

Besides Graphing Calculator Pro² there were two other versions released. The first one is Ticulator — TI + Calculator. It repeats the classic design and was made for those who are addicted to TI-84 design. The second is Hypercalculator — the most informal among graphing calculators. It has a wide set of customization options, like colours and fonts.

It’s hard to master the Graphing Calculator without its manual. This book describes the basic calculator functionality and mathematical functions. Now all the useful materials and guides are in the guide application. You can buy it in a bundle with a calculator or separately on the AppStore.


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