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Sleep Easy: Insomnia Therapy

iOS-based app designed and developed by Rosberry

A clinically-proven program that will have you sleep easily and deeply at night. The developer of the method is an internationally-renowned sleep expert Dr. Richard Shane. Over the last 25 years he has held thousands of personal phone sessions to help people achieve the sleep they deserve. To make the Sleep Easy method more accessible to a wider audience we have built an easy-to-use iOS app. The app offers a wide selection of programs to address your sleep challenges and begin sleeping better your first night.

Sleep Challenges

To start using the Sleep Easy method you have to go through the onboarding process. You choose the Sleep Challenges preventing your healthy and deep sleep. Based on the challenges chosen, the app will offer a personal set of recommendations with the treatment programs.


Dr. Richard Shane has turned his decades-long practical experience into the treatment programs consisting of audio-sessions. The basic Sleep Easy program will be good for those who want to improve the quality of their sleep in general. The rest of the programs will help you address certain personal sleep-related challenges.


In addition to programs, in the app you will have access to an extensive library of content including short audio-sessions to help you figure out how to change your lifestyle and home environment to have a better sleep.

For example, you can get a better understanding on how alcohol and caffeine might affect your sleep. Also, here you will be offered a whole bunch of insights as to how you can change your bedroom or sleep with your pets beside you.


Authorized users get their access to the stats on the programs listened and can change their Sleep Challenges in the profile. Also, they can set up reminders lest they forget to listen to a night treatment session.

The next day the app will offer to rate the quality of your sleep after the audio session. The stats are stored in the profile section for the users to keep track of the changes after listening to the sessions.



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