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Template: Perfect Your Stories and Feeds

Template is a powerful editing tool for photo and video content shared on social media like Instagram. The app stands out offering a huge library of ready-made templates and comes loaded with a bunch of advanced features to create thumb-stopping posts.

One of the thought leaders and visionaries of this project is Zoё Sugg, an English fashion and beauty vlogger as well as an Internet personality who has around 10m of followers on Instagram. This is also one of the reasons why the app has a huge fan base and hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world.

Instagram Content

The app is specifically designed for stories, single-feed posts, and seamless galleries. Each functionality has its own tweaks and tricks: for example animations are pretty relevant for stories, so the app offers a specific pack for it. The design of galleries is worked through in such a way that a picture is like flowing from one slide onto the other creating a seamless effect.

Editing Tool

Alongside with creating content, the app allows to work with several stories or posts in parallel. Also you can choose the background color for each template, add a sticker, a GIF, or even a freehand drawing.

Font Library

The app enables access to the templates with fonts you can edit, delete, or add a caption where it belongs to. Template comes with the library of more than 50 simple and beautiful fonts.​​​​​​​

Template Library

There are around 30 static and animated packs of templates in the app. Each of them has at least 10 layouts. That means that a user can choose from more than 300 design options to create some personalized Instagram content. New packs are released regularly whereas the app visionaries are actively collaborating with popular bloggers to attract new audiences.

A Few Figures

By January 2022 Template has had more than 60К followers on Instagram, more than 600К downloads and 30К+ monthly active users.

Template is available on the App Store

Enjoy your Instagram activities! ❤️



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