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Zazzi Ingenuity

iOS-based app designed and developed by Rosberry

Zazzi is the perfect cross between Uber and Airbnb. The app allows Photographers and Videographers the ability to grow their clientele and expand their business. Zazzi connects clients with Photographers & Videographers so they can easily create Photos and Videos to use for any purpose.

Zazzi was developed with a split focus. Not only does it meet the needs of the Photographer & Videographer, it easily meets the needs of clients. Customers are able to contact talented contractors at a time and place of their choice. Photographers and Videographers are conveniently able to expand their customer base and use their time even more efficiently since scheduling is made easy and simple within the app.

Developed for Influencers

Zazzi helps influencers grow their following. Influencers are constantly trying to find new ways to make exceptional content. They need to be consistent in their posts on all their social media platforms. They know that great content is the key to being successful in their industry. Many influencers hire photographers to create high-quality content.

Influencers each have their own style, and audience. The feed on their social media accounts needs to be aesthetically pleasing and cohesive, in order for them to attract more followers. Influencers of all types are our target audience, Zazzi’s best users. They need quality content on a consistent basis, and we plan to provide them with the key to their success.

Zazzi is Good For Everyone

Zazzi is not only for Influencers. There are so many situations when families, athletes, entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, families and so many more are in need of a good photographer or videographer. Each needs to capture a moment, product, or event at a specific time and place. This is where Zazzi steps in.

Everyone can use Zazzi. Finding a Fantastic Photographer that fits your budget for your party, wedding, birthday, baby shower, product, event, graduation, sports event, family vacation, reunion, or anything that you would take pictures for is as simple as doing a quick search in your location on the Zazzi App.

Easy to Find

The Zazzi App lets users choose a location for a photoshoot. On the Zazzi map feature, you can easily see which photographers or videographers are nearby. Users can filter the map for their specific needs. They are able to filter their search by skill level, price range, date of the shoot, along with several other options. Allowing Zazzi users to find exactly what they are looking for.

The Photos and Videos on the app will be shown as-is with an aspect ratio original to the Photographer & Videographers desire.

Find the Right Zazzi

The filter allows you to find a specialist in the style of photography you are interested in. Wedding, Family Vacation, Sporting Event, Documentary, Product, the possibilities are endless with so many different types of Photographers & Videographers you can find on the app.

Users can easily see the Photographers & Videographers available schedules. This makes it quite easy to find someone to book at just the right time.

Zazzi Profile & Portfolio

Photographers & Videographers are able to create a Profile and Portfolio depicting their experience, and showing the various styles of photography and videography they create. Users can then make an educated decision and choose a Photographer or Videographer that fits their needs. They will also be able to read through ratings and reviews to feel even more confident about their decision.


Users have the ability to get a photographer the same day if needed. They simply select the date and the time, and the photographer and videographer are notified immediately. The app allows easy communication between the client and the Photographer & Videographer. Once the order is confirmed the session is booked.

Zazzi: Developed for the Expert and Pro Photographers & Videographers

Professional Photographers and Videographers will be able to expand their customer base and easily grow in new styles of photography by simply creating a Profile with all the styles that interest them. In each style of Photography and Videography, they are able to set their level of expertise, allowing them to grow in new styles, and dominate in the categories they have mastered. An Expert might be someone who has been in business for 10 years or more. A Professional could be someone who has 2 years of experience or more.

Zazzi: Developed for those who want to Learn

You are interested in Photography and it has something that interests you as a hobby. Zazzi allows beginners to create profiles with an attractive price, to entice users to try something new. We know experience is the Key to Growth. This will allow new Photographers and Videographers the opportunity to expand and grow faster than normal.

Photographers & Videographers who are just starting out might choose to present their photographs at a Hobbyist or Student Level. Whether they are ready and excited to take their work to the next level with a bit more experience or happy to enjoy their hobby, this is a great place to find clients.

Planning & Scheduling

The Zazzi App has a calendar for Photographers & Videographers to schedule their time and allow clients to easily see when they are available to book. Photographers & Videographers can create a calendar while keeping in mind their regular clients, and those who have already booked them through their own personal website, etc.


Clients and Photographers can easily chat with each other to work out all the details before the session. They will be able to send each other messages within the app to talk about things like how many participants will be at the shoot, where they would like to meet, and even fun props or cameras they might want to use.

Thanks for Watching — Zazzi will be on the App Store in July 2020.



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