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Jul 24 · 5 min read

What do ROS, Riide, and Tout have in common? They’re all in the Rosecliff Portfolio. Read on for a good time!

Are Sports, or Sports Fandom, a Religion?

Sports create a sense of hope and direction to its participants, whether it may be playing on the field, sitting on the bench, or watching from the bleachers. That’s why in 2015, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, defensive end Michael Strahan, and producer Gotham Chopra founded Religion of Sports. Religion of Sports (ROS) is a sports media platform of diverse filmmakers, authors, and podcasters who strive to convey why sports matter to people around the world and how it connects humanity. ROS transcends the trade rumours, salary scandals, etc. and delivers meaningful sports content that captures the real lives of athletes on and off the playing field.

ROS’ Baller Media

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Religion of Sports aims to target sports-lovers, giving them a deeper understanding of the athletic life through vivid depictions of the spiritual dynamics between sports and human potential. Through series like Tom vs. Time, Stephen vs. The Game, and Kobe Bryant’s Muse, ROS delivers reflective documentaries about the lives of famous athletes. Out of the eight ROS shows already created, five have been Emmy nominated. The series can be watched on Facebook Watch, cable network, ShowTime, or right on the ROS website.

In addition to Emmy-nominated shows, Religion of Sports has produced a critically-acclaimed podcast called “Why Sports Matter.” Each episode is built around a larger moral theme which is expressed through emotional and real stories. Fans who subscribe to Religion of Sports, receive access to exclusive content from their favorite sports personalities and teams.

Religion of Sports content is available anywhere around the globe but is mainly focused on American sports and sports America participates in.

Read more about Religion of Sports here: Forbes: Religion Of Sports Looks Beyond Scores, Game Highlights And Trade Rumors, The Altantic: Tom Brady, Sociologist of Religion, The Wrap: Why Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady & Michael Strahan Call Their Show ‘Religion of Sports’

Check out their Twitter @religionofsport and their Instagram @religionofsports!!!

The Everyday Office Worker

Hate your commute? Riide everywhere instead. Started by Jeff Stefanis and Amber Wason, Riide is a manufacturer and seller of chic electric bikes. Stefanis observed the use of electric bikes on a business trip to China and upon his arrival back into the USA, he began researching e-bikes. Riide’s electric bikes are designed for the everyday office worker wearing a pantsuit or a skirt holding a briefcase or purse. The lightweight (40 lbs) design allows for the rider to pedal, twist the throttle, or do both at once to keep moving. The e-bike moves at about 20 mph and pedaling moves the bike faster. The Riide electric bike can be charged in any standard wall outlet in 2–3 hours which means more riiding and less charging!

Why Riide?

Unlike other e-bikes which target baby boomers, Riide targets young urban commuters looking for an easy, inexpensive, and stress-free commute. Riide bikes’ sleek design sets it apart from other clunky e-bikes currently on the market. With the battery in the front frame, Riide creates a complete stealth illusion. Furthermore, Riide is easy to use, with only one gear (the throttle) therefore, people do not have to learn before they hop onto the bike. Riide operates on a subscription model, where monthly payments enable bike usage.

Riide addresses pollution, congestion, and traffic all at once. Riide provides an eco-friendly way to get to work and reduce pollution. Riide is expanding across America, allowing commuters to take a break from the subway and Riide to work instead!

Learn more about Riide here: The Washington Post: Riide Plans To Make D.C. A Hub For Electric Bikes, TechCrunch: Riide Is An Electric Bike For Cool Kids, Why Ride is Cruising Into San Francisco

Check out their Twitter @RiideBikes!!!

Snapchat + Vine = Tout

If Snapchat and Vine had a baby, it would be Tout. Tout is an online social networking service that allows users to publish and send “touts” or 15-second videos. Tout offers an engaging video experience that includes robust discoverability, multi-channel browsing, and live and on-demand videos. Tout is often dubbed the “TV network for the Internet.” The app and website offers over 300 channels of premium content across genres such as News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Sports. Tout has been incredibly successful with over 85MM unique monthly viewers and 400 million monthly video streaks. Founded in 2009 by Michael Downing, Tout has created a novel audience base that rivals with the largest video properties in the world.

Shaq Retires!

Tout began as a spin-out from the Stanford Research Institute and soon enough became the first AI technology that could deliver video programming based on identity and location. Real traction began in June 2011, when Shaquille O’Neal used Tout to declare his retirement from the NBA. The following year, WWE invested 5 million in Tout and thus began a “strategic partnership.” WWE content began airing on Tout which helped Tout expand even more. Brock Lesnar eventually also used Tout to announce his retirement.

Tout has 3500 publisher sites and is adding more! Producers can access a huge audience base and create their campaigns. They currently provides unprecedented scale and brand-safety to hundreds of Fortune 1000 advertisers. Tout was even named one of the fastest-growing companies according to Inc500.

PR Newswire: Tout Streaming Video Network Hires Jason Shulman as New Vice President

Tout Blog: Tout Lands In Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies In America on Inc.

Forbes: How Shaq Put Tout On The Social Media Map (In 15 Seconds)

Check out their Twitter @Tout!!!

Rosecliff Ventures

Rosecliff Ventures is a venture capital fund based in New York City. We have a growing portfolio of fantastic businesses that make life better, brighter, bolder, and more efficient. Founded in 2016 by Michael Murphy and Michael Caso.

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Rosecliff Ventures

Rosecliff Ventures is a venture capital fund based in New York City. We have a growing portfolio of fantastic businesses that make life better, brighter, bolder, and more efficient. Founded in 2016 by Michael Murphy and Michael Caso.

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