Oh to Be Young

Image by Marc. A. Sporys from Unsplash.

A hatchling seed, a chick peeking through an opening in its shell,
There is so much to see and so much to do…
Dirt paths to trod on, a boutonniere to pin on the lapel,
The world is yours, what can stop you?
Oh to be young!

Good times come and go, bad times come and go, but hush…
They still come and they still go, even if you don’t want them to flee…
Concrete and asphalt lay out before you, who else here is in the morning rush?
What does the world expect of me? Am I enough to satisfy its plea?
Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be young.

Maybe it’s not just me, a mere speck in the sea,
That this astronomical body weighs on…
Maybe this is all a chance to see, the joy in their eyes for a simple cup of tea…
Whether the road is dirt or concrete it matters not…
I am older and wise, why would I want to be young?

© 2022, Sal Gullotta.



This publication is a place where I share some of my creative writing endeavors. I hope you’re able to find some joy, insight, or whatever other feelings might transpire here.

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Sal Gullotta

Sal Gullotta

Hi everyone, I’m Sal and I love to write. Enthusiast of creative writing, storytelling, and fantasy / fiction.