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The Ecommerce Real Talk Series

The Ecommerce Real Talk Series is where we get to know the marketers who are so busy living their ideas out that they don’t really have time to talk about them! These are the insights not being shared by “thought leaders.”

In part 2 of the episode Creating Desire with User Data, Product Marketing Head, Mason Kuang, caught up with veteran ecommerce marketer, Dean Lockhard, and got him to sit down for a bit to talk about his martech stack, or as he calls it, his Swiss Army Knife.

Who is Dean Lockard?

When Dean Lockhard shakes your hand his last name comes to mind because his grip is like a vice — he locks in hard on you! This is how it’s done in the real world of B2C, folks, with firm handshakes and original ideas driving big wins.

Dean is a Marketing Director and Natural Born Entrepreneur with 19-years experience in Australia, Europe and the US. And besides that, he…

  • created over US$ 500m in combined ecommerce sales in the European luxury fashion marketplace, and in the Australian 4x4 automotive industry.
  • Now, based in Taiwan, he’s the Founder and CEO of, where he’s exploring new distribution models for AI and B2B.
Dean has been using martech tools to run ecommerce campaigns since the beginning. He knows the wheat from the chaff.


So Dean, what are your go-to ecommerce tools?


Yeah in regards to platform, I’d say I’d say Shopify is the best platform out there at the moment, it’s quite easy to use!

The other one is Big Commerce. I like Big Commerce, an Australian company actually. It’s really good for building a customized website. So for a more customized experience you should try Big Commerce.

For email I always use Mailchimp but I’ve also used Moosend recently. It’s very similar to Mailchimp but it’s a bit easier to use and it’s less expensive.

SMS? Klavliyo is great for SMS and direct connections but PostScript is a Shopify specific app. PostScript is a good choice if you use Shopify.

For better hallway vision.

For Chat, Drift, I think is a top-of-the-range product but it is quite expensive. I also used JivoChat. It’s a Russian company and it’s great! It has all the features you can expect from chat. And you can just use it for free actually.

And if you decide to do AI chat, a good one is ChatFuel. Yeah we use ChatFuel to make a small chatbot that can manage sales. It can lead you to your sales problems on you website.

Product recommendation? Yeah,! I think Mason’s is great for getting the right product in front of your customer and for increasing conversion.

Dean’s martech Swiss Army Knife is ready for anything.

For ads, I still like Facebook ads. I still take big advantage of that. And Google ads are still good, especially for visual, like image-based ads.

For social, Hootsuite and Buffer are good ones. And then Twilio and Zapier are more for custom data flows.

Then for organization I use Trello, I just love Trello. And Basecamp, and Slack, they’re also up there. But Trello, again, if you use it for free it’s an amazing tool.

So those are the basic tools but they’re all really good for a start!


Nice picks, Dean!

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