Standard Operating Procedure to apply for a leave

Roshane De Silva
Roshane De Silva
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2 min readNov 10, 2022


Title: Approve leave requests of employees in the HR system in the Company

Name of Company: ABC (Pvt) Ltd

Date: 10/03/2020

Version: 0.1


This procedure describes how to approve a leave requested by an employee at Company ABC.

Scope: This procedure is applicable to all employees that are in non-managerial roles within the company.

Responsibilities: Employees in managerial positions within the company are responsible to approve or reject leave requests of their staff.


  • The manager should first log in to the HR system and enter the Username and Password
  • Next, they should go to the Leave Management page in the system
  • The manager should select the relevant leave request from the list of requests shown in the window
  • If the requested leave has no issues, the manager can approve it by clicking the Approve Leave button on that page
  • If the leave requested conflicts with a project deadline or another issue, then the manager can reject the leave by clicking Reject Leave. A rejection reason should be given in the comment box below the button
  • After the leave is approved or rejected the manager can log out from the system (The staff member who requested the leave will be notified of the decision via email)
Flow Diagram