How can I get help for this christmas

melonica rosi
Feb 22 · 3 min read
Christmas Assistance help
Christmas Assistance help

The Christmas season is the most ideal time for your company to launch a solidarity campaign that has a positive impact on society.

Launching a Christmas Assistance help Programs for needy families is a way to reinforce the company’s image towards stakeholders and will also have a very positive impact on the commitment of employees to the company.

This year many solidarity events that were held in person, such as Markets, Concerts or Charity Dinners will not be able to take place due to the health emergency situation that we are experiencing as a result of COVID-19. We propose 7 initiatives that your company can carry out virtually to help and bring the magic of Christmas to the most disadvantaged:

1.- Given that this year the Company Dinner will not be held , create a solidarity challenge in migranodearena and offer as a “reward” a special “delivery” dinner to the employees who make a donation. From your company, put your grain of sand by donating to the challenge the excess of the budget that you had planned for the Christmas Dinner. In this way you will not only be collaborating with a good cause, you will also be helping the catering sector so affected in this pandemic.

2.- Raffle a Solidarity Christmas Basket among your employees: create a solidarity challenge in migranodearena and for every 5 euros assign a ballot with 5 numbers to the donor. The winning number must match the last 5 digits of the Christmas Draw

3.- Organize a Kilo Operation online among your employees. This year the Kilo operation at the door of the supermarkets is going to be complicated due to COVID-19. A year in which it is more necessary than ever since more and more families are forced to turn to the Food Bank in order to survive. We propose you to carry out an Operation Kilo online through a solidarity challenge in favor of the Food Bank of your locality and raise funds among all the employees of your company to help them fill their stores.

4.- Lead by example: create a challenge to mobilize your employees in favor of a specific cause, and multiply the result of the collection by donating the equivalent amount from the company through a matchfunding . The Martiderm company did this last year with its campaign and thus helped the NGO Active Africa in the construction of a new Laboratory in Chezi (Malawi).

5.- Hold a Christmas solidarity concert online and manage the tickets through the migranoearena “ticketing” option

6.- Surprise your employees or customers with the star gift this Christmas: the Solidarity Fund from migranodearena. Some solidarity boxes that generate “good luck” much needed in these times. The Solidarity Boxes contain a donation inside a box so that the “gifted” can allocate it to the NGO of their choice and thus contribute to a specific social cause. A unique and original solidarity gift!

7.- Create a virtual piggy bank for a school: this year due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, many solidarity initiatives that were carried out during the Christmas season from the schools, will not be able to be carried out. By supporting a school through the creation of an online solidarity piggy bank, you will help them to continue raising money for those children who need it most.

8.- Donate through our circular economy platform “Donate” those products that your company no longer needs. Through the reuse of furniture, surpluses, computers … not only will you be giving an opportunity to turn waste into resources, but you will also help those who need it most and take care of the environment.


Help with christmas

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