by m.s.wardrip

“Loving Angels,

Come share my destiny

All you do

Can cause me to anticipate

Forever and always,

Never removed, For and Ever

I Always endure

Then and Now.

I am not God.

Your Gods, my Gods and theirs

Your decision, Your Choice.

What do you care about another?

She’s playing you.

Rumors, Gossip, Lies and Dreams

Creates miracles, chase death, work miracles!

Servants are a steady watch,

The Mystery is Her.

She is a stern Mother.

I was warned way back. Readied myself for the attack.

Alarmed and ready for my lessons

Been hearing, seeing, learning it all.

With no cause, the curse is lifted,

She may claim the negativity with prayer,

The Mystery is Her.

To you who don’t know her, I point to you!

Pure sin she burns within, a lesson in dignity.

Fresh from her oven, the sugar-coated muffins come,

Her Him is in the den, away,

All is Her.”

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