Look At The Idiots Fighting!

By Steve Wardrip

Published in “Rosine Magazine”, I’ll have a medium, please.

“Power corrupts. The beast hidden in the soul of man, and released from its chain lusts to satisfy its age-old natural instinct–to beat, to murder. I don’t know if it’s possible to receive satisfaction from signing a death sentence; but in this, too, there is doubtless some dark pleasure, some fantasy which seeks no justification. ¶I have seen people –many people–who had ordered the shooting of others and who were now themselves being killed. There was nothing but cowardice in them as they shouted: ‘I’m not the one who should be killed for the good of the state. I too am able to kill.’ ¶ I don’t know people who gave orders to kill. I only saw them from a distance. But I think that the order to shoot another man derives from that same spiritual strength, that same psychological foundation as the actual shooting itself, as murdering with one’s own hands. Power is corruption. The intoxication of power over people, irresponsibility, the willingness to mock, to degrade, to encourage all these things when necessary–all these are the moral measure of a supervisor’s career.”

–Varlam Shalamov, from Kolyma Tales (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin)



“Picture this… You are cruising in outer space looking down on a planet… the planet has two people on it… upon further examination, you see the two inhabitants are fighting with each other… kind of makes you want to move on, away to visit a better planet, doesn’t it?” — steve wardrip

Assuredly, the stupid thing men and women do is fight each other. Why? Because all we have is each other. It’s like repeatedly punching yourself in the face. Are you stupid, or what?

Power… Your power resides in peace, not violence. Violence and fighting never resolve issues, they only make things worse.

*ISIS is bold new stupidity. A fighting club.

*TERRORISM is a stupid tool.. A fighting club

*ARMIES are stupid organizations. A fighting club.

*GANGS are stupid. A fighting club.

*CARTELS are stupid. A fighting club.

*SMART MOUTH PUNKS. A fighting club.

*REDNECK HILLBILLIES. A fighting club.


Here is what you wind up with a fighting club.

Beating by beating. How stupid!

Just think of what you could have done instead.