Out On Old Kings Highway

By Steve Wardrip

Now, with your phone you can travel,

To a place that’s happening.

The mysteries you can unravel,

You seek that very thing.

The peace you find in conflict,

Is not a healthy wing,

Your trials and triumphs constrict,

Survival bell begins to ring.

Take what you are given,

Put it on the table,

Divide it amongst the few,

Do it now, while you’re able.

Now go to where your dreams are,

Build that city anew,

In the middle of nowhere, far,

Choose to be one of a chosen few.

The Chop Shop Band gives your wish,

Plays rock soft on the beach,

The mediums and spiritualist,

We eat melons, juice and a sweet peach.

The kite flyers are best,

Becoming one with the ground and sky,

Their skills are put to the test,

They are us and we are you and I.

That’s why when I say we must,

Convert your blues into blue skies,

It’s because it’s just us,

Truth lies here now, not true lies.

Out on Old Kings Highway,

Far from the Sun,

Here is secret quiet and exciting place,

Personal, private, exceedingly fun!

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