Hello Medium

Ever since I’ve known how to code I’ve setup a home page for myself. I’ve gone through the lovely task of maintaining a nice front end using Dreamweaver. I’ve fired up a many new MySQL instances and even deployed PHP 5.2 with the Suhosin extension to get WordPress going and locked down. I’ve have written at least a dozen WordPress themes, but it’s “last-gen” as PHP goes the way of the dinosaur in favor of Node.JS and other CMS newcomers.

I was going to make Tumblr my personal blog, and for a while it was, but fears of content lock in and the Yahoo! made me yearn for the open source nature of WordPress and Markdown. Static sites are in! No more need for WP-cache or APC to cache all your opcodes, minify your site, and get decent hit rates out of the free OpenVZ VDS you scored on WebHostingTalk.

Jekyll is cool and nifty but I really shy away from Ruby after dabbling in it with Metasploit. Hexo is really cool and fits my whole let’s move away from PHP land mindset right now. It’s a great tool to replace traditional clunk CMSs and you’ll probably see it in RH Digital productions in the future. I’m creating a theme for it but the content creation (HTML, Node) was getting in the way of content creation (Read: this blog post).

So why did you choose Medium?

#1. No data lock in

You can export all of your post and content with the click of a button. If I do desire to move off Medium, they provide a simple HTML grab of my content. The great thing about HTML is that you can write yet another parser to get at your content in a scriptable way. I saw there is at least one project that would allow me to convert to Markdown when I need to.

#2. Themes done for you

There is much to be said here, Medium offers only one choice but that has actually freed me from the Hexo slump. I’m never gonna say no to the Bootstrap or anything that resembles it. Gotta say your lookin good Medium.

#3. Social Integration

I forgot that even static sites need this comment n’ share stuff, adding more fluff to my “create content for content” dilemma and wrecking my original idea layout. (Maybe I should blog to know what blog’s need)

#4. I ‘trust’ them

Yuk 3rd party services, roll your own is where it’s at!

Well there is Hexo and Ghost, which provides all of the features listed above and more in a easy npm away. However, seeing that this is the product of the people who brought you Twitter and the respect Ev Williams has for user privacy (Whoa! They know I have DNT) I feel confident in using Medium. That it won’t be pulled out under me or subject me to constant X.0.0 releases that break everything. My ‘production’ host is my dev machine as well. (Yeah, I can’t give up my latte for another $5 VM at Vultr [Affiliate], I’m a broke college kid and it’s not like I own a startup) Having an always on place where my content is ready for mass consumption that I can 301 to while configuring Nginx or doing other wonky stuff that requires my main box is nice too.

So where’s your content?

Well I’ve taken this opportunity to reset my digital notebook here. Going though a lot of body text I’ve written over the teen years made me cringe. Going forward I’ll be controlling (Read: political correctness) my content more and only delivering the best here and leaving the rest on Facebook. I plan on reposting some of my older content soon.

But I can’t leave you empty handed so here is a cat photo I took that I’m releasing into public domain via CC0.

This is me after a long day of PuTTY