Meet Team ACAI

Team ACAI (From Top to Bottom): 
Ian Stackhouse-Kaelble, Apoorva Kanneganti, Alexis Morath, & Courtney Poopat

Meet Team ACAI (Apoorva, Courtney, Alexis, and Ian) a team joined by a shared passion for driving positive change. Inspired to take action, they look forward to applying their past experiences working across the healthcare, technology, financial services, and education sectors to help create an impact on the road this summer. Sharing a diverse set of skills, Team ACAI embraces opportunities to tackle cross-functional challenges and is eager to apply their finance, strategy, technology, human capital, and marketing backgrounds to communities across America.

Apoorva, a veteran traveler experienced in bringing fun to road trips and overseas flights, is excited to understand how organizations incorporate social missions into financially viable business models and wants to help these organizations learn how to leverage technology to accelerate their impact. Courtney, an avid concert-goer and outdoor explorer, looks forward to engaging with small business owners to provide the meaningful and impactful solutions. Alexis, a snack enthusiast and yogi in training, is eager to explore how the definition of “success” varies across America and wants to learn how to help build healthy, engaged, and sustainable communities. Ian, who once spent a month on a road trip across the U.S. and is excited to do so again, is particularly interested in organizations that work to address local issues in education and employment. Together Team ACAI is ecstatic to learn, grow, and partner with the doers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs, responsible for leading positive change in America.


Apoorva Kanneganti

Apoorva graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Business majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. She began her career with Deloitte Consulting in Chicago, IL where she worked with clients in the Financial Services Industry to define and implement technology visions and solutions. Apoorva has volunteered with marginalized communities since a young age and is passionate about understanding how to solve for disparities in these populations, specifically in healthcare. In her spare time, Apoorva serves on the Junior Board of the Erie Family Health Center, a non-profit organization ensuring equal healthcare access. Apoorva hopes to launch a socially focused start-up and is excited to work alongside and learn from various social enterprises this summer.

Courtney Poopat

Courtney attended the University of Southern California for business administration and public health. After graduating, she became a bank regulator at FDIC to protect consumers from risky financial institutions. Soon after, volunteering at a hospital drove her to pursue her passion for healthcare through a MBA/MPH degree. She interned last summer at the UM health system, improving efficiencies of hospital operations. Courtney continues to explore the healthcare industry, particularly in how medical technology can improve patient outcomes and quality of life. With Open Road, she is excited to provide meaningful solutions for and establish strong relationships with small business owners across various industries including healthcare. Courtney loves the outdoors, cooking, and attending music concerts.

Alexis Morath

Alexis graduated from the University of South Carolina with dual-degrees in Marketing and Finance. Post-graduation she moved to Chicago, IL where she spent four years working for Deloitte in their Financial Advisory and Human Capital Consulting practices. During her time at Deloitte, she worked across many industries helping clients to optimize their organization designs and to develop change management and communication strategies. Alexis is passionate about exploring opportunities to harness the power of communities and businesses to generate growth, inspire change, and create positive economic and social impact. She is incredibly excited to hit the road this summer and to learn more about the work being accomplished by changemakers and social entrepreneurs across the USA!

Ian Stackhouse-Kaelble

Ian attended Indiana University, where he studied Neuroscience and earned a certificate in Liberal Arts & Management. Upon graduation, Ian served for two years as a Teach for America corps member in Milwaukee, where he taught high school science. Ian then spent three years with Deloitte Consulting in Chicago, where he worked across business functions and industries to help clients address their most challenging strategic and operational challenges. Ian is passionate about education access in underserved communities and has continued to work toward educational equity post-TFA by leading a mentorship program with Chicago Public Schools while at Deloitte. Ian is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with — and learn from — entrepreneurs across the U.S. this summer as an Open Road Fellow!


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