Meet Team OKRA

Ozge Sahin, Kevin Jones, Ravi Patel, Ava Damri (left to right)

Meet Ozge, Kevin, Ravi, and Ava (Team OKRA), four first-year MBAs who teamed up for Open Road in order to use the knowledge they have gained before and at Ross to partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country. Ozge is looking to work with businesses that serve customers with special needs — especially those using technology to change the lives of people living with disabilities. Kevin became interested in improving food access to underserved populations during the Ross Impact Challenge. He enjoys analyzing fundamental business operations, and wants to explore ways to increase efficiency and lower costs for food entrepreneurs. Ravi wants to address the gaps in access to basic needs for higher quality of life like healthcare, education, and energy. Ava’s focus at Ross is Social Impact. She is a STEM advocate, who is interested in working with entrepreneurs who are bridging the technology education divide. The team is looking forward to addressing these multidimensional issues and is excited to explore both small towns and major cities across the U.S. All four members proudly represent the MBA Class of 2018 at Ross School of Business.


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