Meet Team RAZA

Ryan Schell, Ariana Almas, Athena Stevens, and Zach Friedman (left to right)

Meet Ryan, Ariana, Zach, and Athena (Team RAZA), four first-year MBAs who teamed up for Open Road with hopes of using their MBA learnings to make a positive impact for five small businesses across the country. Athena and Ariana, both members of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, met the summer before coming to Ross and shared their interest for the Open Road program. Specifically, they both have a desire to work with minority-owned businesses that historically have had less access to capital, network, and advisory. Ryan and Zach each came to Ross with an impact-centric career path. Ryan is dedicated to equality in urban development and Zach aims to create better connections for communities and their food sources. Together, they are excited to hit the road, learn about new industries, and explore communities across the U.S. Team RAZA members proudly represent sections 1 and 2 of their MBA class!