Meet Team WCKD Wolverines

Wile Kase, Colleen Hill, Kenji Kaneko, Dilparinder Singh (left to right)

Meet Wiles, Colleen, Kenji and Dil (Team “WCKD Wolverines”), a team that epitomizes the phrase ‘unity in diversity’. Within them, they have experiences in a multitude of industries, geographies, and functions, but are bound by a common passion to use their skills to make a difference in the community.

Wiles, richly experienced with Fortune 500 and early-stage startups, is constantly thinking about how to integrate human-centered design into product development across various industries. Colleen, a globetrotter since childhood, has a strong appreciation for the world and is always looking forward for opportunities to create a positive impact on the people and communities around her. Kenji, a fitness freak and an avid reader, is extremely passionate about the areas that lie at the intersection of tech, design, social impact, and entrepreneurship. Dil, a perpetual student and an insomniac, is always looking for opportunities to expand and hone his skill-set so that he can continue his efforts in the development space in any way possible. Together, they are excited to collaborate with and learn from entrepreneurs leading organizations of all shapes and sizes.