10 Video Games You Should be Playing with Your Coworkers — Updated for 2019

All work and no play makes Handsome Jack a dull boy. And when it comes to break time, the best way to spend it is with some top-quality video games.

But not just any video games—lunch time at work is the perfect opportunity to play some couch co-op and multiplayer games with your deskmates! With that in mind, I’ve taken it upon my nerdy self to prepare a list of 10 video games perfectly suited to playing in short bursts at with the folks at work.

So strap yourself in for some video game goodness—made even sweeter by the fact that you’re enjoying them while the boss is paying for you to put your feet up.

Update: It’s been a while since we originally shared this post, so we’ve updated the list to reflect the games that we’ve been playing more recently in the RotaCloud office.

1. Overcooked (& Overcooked 2)

Genre: Co-op cooking sim
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch

Wonderful cooking chaos — with up to four players!

Don’t be fooled by Overcooked’s cutesy visuals — by the end of your first session, you’ll be taking your cooking very seriously.

A manic exercise in teamwork and coordination, Overcooked is best played with two or more players rather than alone. The aim of the game is simple: prepare simple dishes against the clock by chopping, cooking and frying the ingredients, plating them up, and serving them through the hatch.

Things get tricky, however, when you realise that one or more of your ingredients is almost always on the wrong side of the kitchen, or when you suddenly don’t have any clean plates left and frantically have to wash up — all the while your deep-fat fryer is beeping angrily and your tomato soup is starting to boil over…

Overcooked is simple enough for non-gamers to pick up without too much trouble, but also offers plenty of challenge for those willing to spend a little more time with it. Just be prepared to hear at least one of your coworkers cursing like a miniature Gordon Ramsay—it doesn’t take long before things start getting hot in this cutesy kitchen.

Update: Overcooked 2 launched in late 2018, and it’s frankly wonderful. As well as being a bit more polished than the original, creators Ghost Town Games have added a number of fun new gameplay twists, including the ability to throw ingredients to your fellow chefs. There’s also a tonne of extra content to play through, with even more on the way, so it’ll last you ages.

2. TowerFall: Ascension

Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Switch

TowerFall: Ascension is an archery arena shooter for up to four players. Players hop around a 2D world trying to take out their opponents either by shooting them with arrows, or jumping on their heads — the winner is the last player alive.

Gameplay is fast, frantic and above all, fun. The mechanics appear simple on the surface but players will soon discover a surprising amount of depth. With endless ways to customise the game’s power-ups, levels, and gameplay, TowerFall: Ascension is a great investment for the office PS4.

And with each round taking less than a minute, it’s the perfect game for your lunch break.

3. The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Genre: Party/trivia
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Designed for groups of 2–8 players (plus additional ‘audience’ members), The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a firm favourite here in the RotaCloud office. We’ve spent countless lunch breaks playing Quiplash 2 and Trivia Murder Party especially, making each other laugh and trying to come up with the smartest (read: most depraved) answers and doodles imaginable.

The games included in Party Pack 3 allow gamers and non-gamers alike to get in on the action by using their smartphones or tablets rather than traditional controllers to play. They’re designed to be played in short bursts, and are easy to get into with minimal explanation, so they’re perfect for lunch time play sessions.

Just be warned: these games may reveal more about the inner workings of your coworkers’ minds than you’d care to know…

Update: We know that Jackbox Party Packs 4 & 5 have also been out for ages now, but we’re still hugely fond of Party Pack 3, especially since it’s come down in price!

4. FIFA 18

Genre: Sports
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sure, newer versions exist, but FIFA 18 is still fantastic

It wouldn’t be an office gaming list without FIFA, would it?

A little more involved that some of the games on this list and requiring a degree of skill to get the most out of, FIFA 18 allows you and your colleagues to show off your skills and settle footballing rivalries by playing as their most adored teams from around the world. Up to four players can take part at once, so expect plenty of shouts and squabbles as shots are missed, dodgy tackles are made and red cards are handed out.

Put simply, this is digital footie at its finest. A new FIFA game comes out every year, but the games are only incrementally different (unless you really care about the player rosters being 100% up to date), and you can pick ’18 up for about a tenner in most game shops, so you’d be mad to miss it.

A must-have for any office break room.

5. Push Me Pull You

Genre: Party/puzzle/WTAF
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux

You’re right to feel troubled…

A new entry on our list, Push Me Pull You isn’t a game that you’ll forget (or be able to unsee) easily.

Billed as “a local multiplayer game about friendship and wrestling”, Push Me Pull You see two to four players take control of human/worm/sausages in order to gain control of a ball. It’s simple, fun, and wonderfully frustrating all at once, and is perfect for playing in short bursts at the office — not to mention forcing players to work together.

Plus, it’s now available for under a fiver. Get it on your list immediately.

6. Rocket League

Genre: Crazy driving/sports
Platforms: PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

It’s been around for a few years, but Rocket League is showing no signs of slowing down—and with good reason.

Take a quick look at the above trailer and you’ll know exactly what to expect from Rocket League: zooming around a giant football pitch in rocket-propelled cars trying to get an oversized ball into your opponents’ goal by any means necessary. What you probably won’t expect is how gripping that can be—it’s hard to accurately convey the feeling that propelling a comically overpowered vehicle through midair to clear a giant football from the line can bring.

Easy to pick up but with plenty of scope and skills to master, Rocket League is the perfect title for those with a competitive streak but who don’t always have the patience for serious sports sims. It can also be enjoyed by up to four players at once, with matches taking just a few seconds to set up, so there’s always time for a quick blast at lunch or to accompany a mug of tea.

Grab your office a copy and put some smiles on your workmates’ faces.

7. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Genre: Fighting/brawler
Platform: Nintendo Switch

It looks chaotic because it is — and it’s brilliant

The Super Smash Bros series has been around for ages, but it never fails to put smiles on faces and get pulses racing.

Unlike most fighting games, Smash isn’t about lowering your opponents’ health meter to win; it’s about increasing their ‘damage’ meter so that you’re able to send them flying off the edge of the platform and into oblivion. Whether you do that with your character’s unique special moves, a well-placed pokéball, or simply liberal use of a baseball bat is up to you.

Couple this with an enormous roster of beloved Nintendo characters, easy-to-learn controls, and oodles of crazy power-ups, and Smash Bros Ultimate is a game that’s perfect for anything from quick bursts at lunch time to after-work round-robins over pizza.

To be honest, it doesn’t have to be Ultimate—pretty much any version of Smash Bros (barring the Wii version which is frustrating slow…) plays well with enough controllers and willing participants—but the Switch iteration is by far the most polished, and has so much content packed into it that it’ll take you months of play before you see it all.

8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Genre: Racing
Platforms: Nintendo Switch (or Wii U)

A no-holds-barred cartoon racer featuring Nintendo’s entire cast of characters, Mario Kart has long been a crowd favourite.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe recently went on sale for Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, boasting a handful of new additions and improvements over the Wii U version released a couple of years ago, including new characters and the return of a proper battle mode, in which players attempt to burst the balloons tied to their opponents’ karts within a set time.

Nintendo is known for its approach to family gaming, and Mario Kart 8 is no exception—the game is incredibly well balanced, meaning that those who have little or no experience will always be given a leg up (usually in the form of more powerful weapons to use or, in a new twist for the series, assisted driving modes). Expect fierce rivalries and hours spent shaving seconds of best times—Mario Kart has never been better, and deserves to be a part of your office games library.

9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Genre: Team-based Puzzle
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

In Keep Talking… one player finds themselves with a virtual bomb in front of them. The other players help them disarm it. The catch? Only the defuser can see the bomb — all that the other players have at their disposal is a bomb defusal manual.

Each procedurally generated level involves the defuser attempting to frenetically describe the bomb to their ‘experts’, while the experts leaf through the manual attempting to figure out which wires, buttons, dials and numbers will lead to a successful bomb defusal — and the avoidance of a virtual explosion!

As the difficulty mounts, Keep Talking… becomes a genuinely tense and stressful experience — but the feeling of relief (and elation) after successfully working together to defuse a bomb makes all the stress worth it. Put your team’s communication skills to the test with this unique multiplayer game!

10. Tricky Towers

Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4 , Mac, Linux

It might look like just another Tetris spin-off, but there’s more to Tricky Towers than meets the eye. Developer Weirdbeard Games has put a clever twist on the classic puzzler by adding gravity into the mix, requiring players to not just slot their blocks together, but build their precariously swaying towers as high as possible without them toppling over.

It’s not just gravity that could cause your hard work to come tumbling down either; in versus mode, players can use either ‘good’ and ‘evil’ spells to cement their own blocks together or send everything from fog to grand pianos onto their opponent’s screen to throw a spanner in the works.

It’s Tetris meets Jenga with a dash of magical mischief, and it’s wonderfully addictive. Play it immediately.

If you have any other video game recommendations for those of us stuck in the office, I’d love to hear them. Don’t be shy—drop me a comment below. Together, we can save our nation’s workforces from lunchtimes of scrolling through their Facebook feeds and talking about the weather.



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