5 of My Favourite Pieces of Web Design

Prepare yourself for a super-nerdy delve into the web.

Design is incredibly important. I, like a lot of web users, automatically write off a product or service if its website is bad. It might not always be a fair assumption to make, but a poorly designed website tells me that the company’s approach to its work might be similarly lacklustre and therefore not worth my time.

On the other side of the coin, a website with outstanding design vastly increases my interest in their offering.

With that in mind, I’d like to celebrate some of the web’s best designs. The sites that really caught my eye and made me sit up and pay attention.

The Outline

The Outline is a news website covering politics, business, culture, and the future. It’s based in New York, and was founded in 2016 by Joshua Topolsky — a veteran tech journalist of The Verge and Engadget fame.

It takes a pretty radical approach when compared to other news sites, with bold colours, eye-catching typography, and creative use of photography and icons.

There are also subtle animations throughout the site which help create a dynamic atmosphere.

Outside of its excellent design, The Outline also features some excellent journalism — I’d definitely recommend taking a look.


Firebase is Google’s app platform. Developers can use it in their software for databases, authentication, analytics, and all sorts of other things.

The website isn’t particularly stimulating, but it makes excellent use of Google’s Material Design framework to deliver a powerful interface which is simple to understand.

A lot of websites overuse Material Design, but Firebase’s website is subtle and functional.


Alfred is a dry-cleaning service based in Toronto, Canada. Not a particularly exciting product, admittedly, but their website is utterly delightful.

A screenshot simply doesn’t do this site justice — you’ll need to visit it to see the genius unfold.

As you scroll down the page, the laundry bag follows you, illustrating the different steps of the dry-cleaning process using delightful animations and artwork.

Links to different areas of the site are dropped in at various stages, encouraging you to discover more. This is one of the best pieces of web design and animation I’ve ever seen.


Fotonaut is a Czech company which provides high-end photo booths to events in and around Prague.

The landing page is awesome; the bold colours and typography are just the beginning. The site makes great use of depth, and moving the cursor around the screen slightly shifts the perspective.

It’s perhaps a little bit overkill, but it’s fun to play with nonetheless, and makes it one to remember.


I’ve saved the best till last. Stripe is my absolute favourite piece of web design right now.

Stripe is an online payment platform which allows software developers to integrate a secure and reliable payments system into their products (we use it here at RotaCloud).

The design language for the site appears to be based (loosely) on Material Design, and makes excellent use of depth, elevation, and shadows to highlight interactive elements.

The device artwork, too, is absolutely beautiful, and there are subtle animations dropped around the site.

This is truly a masterclass in effective, beautiful, and functional web design.

Do you agree with our top five? Have you seen a website which belongs on this list? Leave us a comment and let us know!