Minting season has started!

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2 min readMay 30, 2022

Powered by Crypto Future and Rotharium, the Morphis NFT project has opened the first minting stage.

Morphis NFT

We are thrilled to announce we launched our first collection of NFTs on OpenSea. After months of preparing, designing, and programming, our project has stepped out, and into the NFT space.

This project is an opportunity for our creative team to connect three things we love the most: art, technology, and storytelling. As it usually goes when working with people passionate about a project, we want to bring other people in, create a community and continue growing this project.

Our collection of 5000 Morphians is hand-drawn and automatically generated with over 100 unique trades and seemingly endless combinations. Thanks to this, one Morphian is not like any other.


They also have different levels of rarity that we have used in our bounty for the first minting phase. Go to our website to find more information and the mint button.

Mint is live

The current minting season is open until the first 100 minters make their transactions. The first 100 minters get a discount of 50% and can mint up to 5 NFTs with one transaction.


The story behind the characters was the inspiration for the whole development, and design of our characters. We are planning on releasing short stories about some of our characters as sneak peeks to the Roadmap 2.0 of our project. For now, you can see the introduction to the origin story on our website.

More info:

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