Happy Families

“The Veldt”, a short story by Ray Bradbury, is a warning to us and our future generations. The warning is an obvious message, if you give technology too much power and humans will no longer be the dominant species. What struck me about this short story, however, was how technology can change relationships and the whole family structure.

This change is already evident in our society today. Take a pet dog, for example. There’s technology that can open your door for your dog to use the restroom when your out, a machine that throws a ball to play fetch with your dog, and you have your automatic feeders, complete with timers and portion settings. Now those inventions come in handy when you go on vacation, or take occasional trips, but long term use of those inventions leads to a disconnect. A MAJOR bond if formed with a dog through feeding and playing and without either of those elements it’s extremely hard to establish dominance. 
This slippery slope is taken to the extreme in “The Veldt”, focusing on the relationship between parent and child. Similar to a dog, you take away a child’s dependability and it believes itself to be dominant. In the case of the Veldt children, the house replaced their parents, leaving the children nowhere to gain empathy and no need for parents

In the end though, the parents were self destructive. The house stepped in only where the parents let it, even up to their deaths. Their laziness is what killed them, and essentially their children.