Babson/Olin Event

Babson Entrepreneurship Tower and Olin Foundry joined forces last weekend in a start-up networking and pitch session led by student partner Alex Freeman (Babson Senior). Both Babson ETower and Olin Foundry are organizations on each campus focused on enhancing entrepreneurship by building up a community of students who are working on start-ups. The event was a wild success combining the entrepreneurial minds of both schools including an hour and a half networking over food, followed by a 30 minute pitch session. Each student start-up was given 2 minutes to summarize their business. The pitch session was used to bring awareness to each campus about what the students of ETower and Foundry were working on and further build relationships among teams with similar ideas and industries. Combining these two organizations with very similar values and interests built a stronger network of entrepreneurs in the Babson/Olin community who are now able to utilize each other’s skill sets for future start-ups. RDV was thrilled to become more involved in both campuses and looks forward to building a united entrepreneurial community into the future.

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