Kynplex: A Dynamic Network of Research Labs

Rough Draft Ventures is excited to support Grace Xiao and Raul Jordan of Kynplex as they build a network for research labs to discover new audiences outside of their areas of study and share groundbreaking research findings. The site allows for users to browse through projects and recent activities as well as connect with labs through a simple interface.

Grace and Raul are freshmen at Harvard who began working on Kynplex when they realized there was an asymmetry in information between research labs and the public. Thus, they set out to create the only publicly accessible and comprehensive database of national and international research labs. In particular, they hope to facilitate connections between labs and companies on the lookout for recent breakthroughs, so that innovative ideas can become marketable products.

As leaders of in the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association and the Harvard Undergraduate Biotechnology Association, Grace and Raul have been working closely with Harvard labs and biotech startups to determine the features most wanted in such a platform. Currently, the site includes a powerful search feature that allows for users to search by research category, institution, specific people, or location. In addition, labs can create customized profiles and submit research updates that are easily browsed through an aggregated highlights page. The platform is accessible through the web browser or through an iOS app.

Kynplex will be beta launching with selected labs in next month, but you can learn more about the platform here or about Rough Draft here.