Quickhelp: On-demand Tutoring Network

Rough Draft Ventures is excited to support Hikari Senju and Mazen Elfakhani as they change the way college students get help with their academic and career needs. Through their apps Quickhelp and Quickhelper, they have built a college marketplace in which students can connect with “Quickhelpers” to get academic help in any course they are taking, as well as get help with interview practice, resume feedback, and admission essays for graduate school. While they launched in February 2015, by the end of the semester the platform had over 10500 users.

The network of Helpers is extremely diverse; it includes undergraduates, Masters/PhD students, MD/JD/MBA students, and professionals in all major sectors and at a wide range of companies, large and small. On Quickhelp, college students can connect via chat with this network of Quickhelpers. On the Quickhelper side, the platform is a flexible way to make money helping with things in which you have expertise.

Hikari and Mazen are most excited about the social impact Quickhelp is having. While many students feel unprepared to transition to the job market, Quickhelp smooths this transition by making it easy for college students to get the information and tips they need about post-graduate opportunities. Further, Quickhelp prices are about half of those charged by comparable marketplaces.

Download Quickhelp to connect with the network of Quickhelpers, and if you are interested in becoming a Quickhelper, fill out this form and download Quickhelper. You can learn more about Roughdraft here!