The Wolfe: Supercharge your Laptop

The Wolfe brings desktop-quality graphics to your desktop.

Rough Draft Ventures is excited to announce our support of Wolfepack in their mission to supercharge personal computers through the development of external graphics solutions and supporting software.

Graphics cards are specialized pieces of hardware in almost every computer that perform computation related to the processing and rendering of images, videos, and animations. Their performance has huge implications on gaming, video/photo editing applications, and machine-learning processes. Despite their importance, many laptops (most notably, many MacBooks) lack powerful graphics cards because they’re large and drain the battery relatively quickly. That means graphic designers, serious gamers, programmers (basically, anyone who nerds out on computers) currently sacrifice quality graphics unless they’re on a desktop.

A prototype of the Wolfe

Wolfepack provides a level-up for consumers by giving their graphics a significant boost with the Wolfe and the Wolfe Pro. These external devices attach through thunderbolt and increase the compute power of your machine. The Wolfe gives users the portability of a laptop with the power of a high end desktop opening up new worlds for gaming and photo/video editing.

Early prototypes of the Wolfe have seen frame rate increases from 14fps (on the newest 15-inch MacBook) to 52.4fps (using the Wolfe) and 75.8fps (using the Wolfe Pro, all measured using the Heaven Benchmarking Suite).

The Wolfepack consists of three phenomenal Harvard founders: Dino, Christian, and Chase. All of them are passionate for building computers and gaming. The pack began working on the Wolfe in summer 2015 and has been working full time this summer.

The Wolfepack (Left to right: Chase, Dino, Christian)

We’re super excited to welcome them to the Rough Draft family! The Wolfe will be launching on Kickstarter in the next two weeks — signup on their website to stay updated!

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