These 22-Year Old Developers Just Launched a DVR for Bugs

AppHub, an MIT x Columbia-born startup, lets developers replay product glitches for easy debugging. 🐜 🚫

Rough Draft Ventures is excited to welcome Matt Arbesfeld and Ben Edelstein of AppHub to the RDV family. Born out of MIT and Columbia University, AppHub is building a suite of tools to help developers build, debug, and update apps faster.

The startup’s most recent product should get any developer excited: LogRocket helps engineering and support teams understand user issues by letting them replay logs and videos of problems as if they happened in their own browser. It’s a DVR for bugs, if you will.

This is a godsend for developers, who currently spend hours or even days identifying the source of even the smallest problems in their web applications. While a user may flag a bug or file a crash report, the information provided in these reports is vague, leaving developers blindly scouring thousands of lines of code to locate the bug. Developers often have to ask users for screenshots of the error or log dumps from their browser in order to fix it.

Matt and Ben have experienced this frustrating process firsthand. Collectively, the two have spent hundreds of hours supporting users through their previous SaaS applications and as developer interns at Google. Recognizing the process was broken, they set out to fix it.

By presenting what went wrong exactly as it happened, LogRocket enables developers to instantly identify and correct the bug, saving them significant time and improving their customer support system.

Matt and Ben met have been tinkering around together since childhood — their parents took them on their first play date when they were just one month old. While the two went to different colleges, Matt to MIT and Ben to Columbia University, they continued to hack on projects together. In 2015, they received funding from Rough Draft Ventures and Matt was accepted to The Thiel Fellowship, so the two dropped out to pursue AppHub full time.

Since then, the company has made huge progress: LogRocket is currently in beta supporting engineering teams at companies like CARFAX, UserTesting, and AOL. The startup’s original product, AppHub Deploy, which streamlines the process of making and releasing app updates, is used by companies like NBC, Twist, Refinery 29, and SoundCloud.

If you’re a developer excited to try these products, sign up for Log Rocket here. If you’re really excited, apply to join their team! They’re looking to hire talented front-end application and systems engineers.

To learn more about AppHub, visit their website and follow them on Twitter. Stay tuned for updates!

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