These Grad Students Built A Comfy Couch That Arrives In A Box

Dubbed the Casper for Couches, Burrow’s easy-to-ship, easy-to-assemble couches make buying furniture easy.

Anyone who’s moved anywhere has been there:

And anyone who’s tried to assemble their own furniture has definitely done that:

So everyone should get how AMAZING it is that Burrow makes buying a sofa look like this:

Burrow this week unveiled its easy-to-ship, easy-to-assembly sofa. Founded by Wharton Business School students Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra and backed by Rough Draft Ventures, Burrow makes high quality, designer couches at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Having each moved around a few times between college and business school, Stephen and Kabeer know firsthand that, put blatantly, “buying a couch sucks.” They’re expensive, they’re heavy, and they can take weeks to deliver.

Casper took the pain out of mattresses, so couldn’t the same be done with couches? Their bet was yes, so they set out to build it.

They teamed up with awarding-winning furniture designer and RISD graduate Leah K.S. Amick to design a couch that can be assembled without tools in fewer than 10 minutes. Its modular design allows customers to easily extend or shorten couch length and makes for easy delivery to small apartments (s/o NYC). Plus, they even have built-in outlets and USB ports because this is 2017. All couches are priced between $550-$1150 and arrive within a week in two to five boxes that look like this:

Stephen and Kabeer first started Burrow on campus in spring 2016 and have been making headway ever since: Last summer, Burrow went through Y Combinator summer accelerator and the company completed 1,000 pre-orders during its beta launch.

We’re so proud to have Burrow in the RDV family and are excited to be a part of this journey! To learn more more about Burrow (or order a couch!), visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Stay tuned for updates!

This post was written by @DenaliTietjen and Ashley Kang from our RDV team. Gif credits: Giphy// Giphy // Burrow