Watch Out! These 9 Young Entrepreneurs Are Making Big Waves to the Tech Ecosystem

Rough Draft Ventures would not be possible without the dedication of our incredibly talented student team. Each team member brought a unique perspective, passion, and energy, while providing tremendous support for one another’s endeavors. It is the late night debates over the most recent pitches, the communication and coordination over slack each day, and the long-lasting relationships these individuals have built with student founders around Boston that have allowed the RDV community to flourish.

RDV Offsite, January 2015

We are sad to say goodbye to this year’s team, but are confident in their abilities as leaders who will continue to massively shape the tech ecosystem as they take on new roles, summer internships, or return to school in the fall. Learn a bit more about them, their work a Rough Draft, and where they are headed:

Frank Wang is currently at MIT, earning his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and Computer Science (2017). A few Rough Draft Teams he works with are: RapidSOS, DataHub, and Cloudstitch. What’s next? Frank is starting his own early stage security accelerator called Cybersecurity Factory this summer. Frank says he wouldn’t have been able to do his accelerator without Rough Draft. Read his blog and follow him on Twitter!

Paul Hillen graduated from the Boston College — Carroll School of Management this past spring (2015). A few Rough Draft Teams he works with are: Fresco News, Tetrascience, and Virgent Realty. He’ll be joining Handy’s Marketing team in NYC. Paul says, “The guidance Nitesh and Peter we able to provide from their experiences as VCs at General Catalyst were super helpful in framing the way I looked at investment decisions. They were able to help the team make better investments throughout the year.” Keep up with him on Twitter!

Alex Freeman is a recent graduate of Babson College (2015) where she received a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Entrepreneurship, Strategy. A few Rough Draft Teams she works are: OnboardIQ, Downtyme, Sonabos, GifYouTube, and Practice Gigs. She will be starting a new role at PwC as a consultant in Boston in August. Read her favorite blog post about a Babson/Olin event she put on!

Cambria Davies is a student at Boston University’s School of Management studying Business Administration and Management, (2016). A few Rough Draft Teams she works with are: Downtyme, Dyli, TVision Insights, and LovePop Cards. This summer, she will be working as a Growth Marketing Intern on the Signals team at HubSpot. A few of her blog posts include the announcements of Downtyme and Dyli. Cambria was inspired by Paul English this year, stating “In the beginning of the semester, he described a brief criteria for how he evaluates teams which really resonated with me. 70% of your decision should be based on the team itself, he said, 20% on what they’re actually working on and 10% on the idea. The team is so essential — if you believe in them, it doesn’t matter if their current idea is terrible. They’ll succeed eventually.” Follow her on Twitter or read her personal blog!

Jennifer Zhang is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at MIT (2017). A few Rough Draft Teams she works with are: Cymbal and Tetrascience. This summer, she will be interning with the Instagram Data team as a software engineer. Jennifer recalls a favorite memory from her year at Rough Draft: “One time, fellow student team member Merrill Lutsky and I spent three hours hearing rounds of pitches that it almost felt like we were doing office hours. At that time I learned a lot about Merrill’s hobbies such as DJing on the side and his passion for music really inspired me because you can tell he really loves it.” Check out a few of her blog posts, and follow her on Twitter!

Lisa Wang is a student at Harvard College studying Computer Science and Mathematics (2016). A few Rough Draft Teams she has worked with include: GifYoutube and Cloudstitch. This summer she is interning at Goldman Sachs in New York. Find her on Instagram! @lisawang17

David Oates recently left Northeastern where he was studying Finance, Entrepreneurship and Computer Science, to pursue his own design-related passion. He’ll be moving to San Francisco to do freelance design work for the summer and looking for a bigger role in the meantime. A few Rough Draft teams he worked with are: Fresco News, Dash Electric, and Freebird. Find him on Twitter!

Nimi Katragadda is a recent Harvard Business School graduate (2015). A few Rough Draft teams she works with are: Sello, Onboard IQ, and LovePop Cards. Next, she will be joining BoxGroup, an early-stage VC firm in NYC started by David Tisch. Her favorite quote from this year is: “Ideas will change, but founders are the constant so always focus on them.” Read her favorite RDV blog post, and follow her on Twitter!

Merrill Lutsky recently graduated from Harvard College (2015) where he studied Applied Math/Economics. A few Rough Draft teams he works with are Sonabos and TVision Insights. He will be joining Square in NYC as a Product Manager. Follow him on Twitter!

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