Finding Truth (A Rough Writing Prompt Response)

This is a clean snippet of a very rough draft of this story, written in Rough Draft, an app for getting your ideas out. Click the link above to see the full story in all it’s rough glory (or see the preview image below) 🙃

I wrote this quick story based on the below #WritingPrompt by iAuthor. The Twitter community organized around this hashtag is amazing, and feels much larger (but less organized) than that of Reddit.

The birds had finally arrived. She could get started.

She wiped the sweat from her brow and drew her tongue across the back of her hand, the grit of the dirt mixing in with the salty, oily mixture of sweat and saliva. She spat on the ground.

Unhooking her sack, she carefully swung it around and placed it gently at the base of her left leg. The leather bottom of the sack would protect its precious contents from the rain-soaked ground. She then straightened her back and stretched her shoulders, bringing her neck down towards her chest and finishing the stretch with her arms outstretched as she prepared for the laborious task which was to follow.

She was not a summoner by birth or by education, but the tale of her experience of hundreds of creature summoners was told across the lines drawn in her arms, now exposed having rolled up her sleeves.

Preparations were finished as she loosened the strap on her staff…