Building Student Voice in Round Rock ISD

We’ve been excited to share the thoughts of many Round Rock ISD adult learners through our web site and blog over the last few years, but the most important voice has been missing. We have not heard from and learned directly from our students. Well, we are remedying that.

This is a direct call to our Round Rock ISD students. We will be posing several problems of practice we face as educators and want to hear your ideas, proposed solutions, and where we should go next.

Our first challenge is for our high schoolers:

How might we reimagine high school if we could start over? How would it look? What would you learn? Describe your classroom. Take us there.

Share your ideas. Publish a post on Medium and share it with us here, use #rrisdpd on Twitter, or use the classic email/Google Doc share to We can’t wait to hear your voice.