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Hey Florida, You’re Still Drunk!

It’s never about the kids

Pride flags, Photo by Vladimir Vladimirov

Governor DeSantis’ pandering to the far right is dangerous to Floridians. Due to his blatant disregard of science, over 66k Floridians died due to Covid. It now seems that DeSantis is turning his attention and ignorance directly towards the children in Florida, more specifically the LGTBQ+ children of Florida.

DeSantis has announced that he will sign into law the bill currently in both the state house and senate that has been dubbed the “Don’t say Gay,” bill. This bill, should it become the law, will silence gay children, their teachers and education advocates by banning the discussion of sexuality and gender identification in Florida’s public schools. It goes even further and gives parents the ability to sue schools if they believed the schools violated any provisions of the law.

DeSantis is pandering directly to the Christian conservatives of the Republican Party as he sets his sights on a 2024 run for the US Presidency. He has not considered the detrimental effect this law can have on the youth in his state. My guess would be, he does not care. The children are not on his agenda.

This legislation is just the beginning of turning back the clock on the strides made by the gay community in fighting for the same rights enjoyed by heterosexuals.

As a very proud lesbian, I am appalled that such legislation is even under consideration. As a parent, I am sickened to know that government officials are risking the sound mental health, emotional support and lives of many children in an effort to further their own beliefs. Yes, children will suffer. Their suffering may even be very harmful or deadly.

I just hope that we can convince Spain or the Seminoles to take Florida backoff of our hands. It seems as though we got the short end of that stick.



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