Eight Best Tech Purchases You Will Never Regret

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Most of us use a tech accessory or two to get us through the day — whether it’s a pair of headphones to keep us entertained during our commute, a fitness band to help us keep track of our activity, or a portable battery to keep our primary devices alive.

I asked my colleagues at Business Insider what tech accessory they need to get through the day. You can find their picks below, and who knows, you might find your next must-have.

A multi-port USB hub

I charge a lot of gadgets simultaneously, and it would be hard to do so efficiently without Anker’s multi-port USB hub.

With five full-sized USB-ports I’m able to charge my phone, headphones, watch, tablet, and one other device and only take up one outlet. It’s that sheer convenience that makes this a must-have accessory, it solves a lot of smaller problems without creating any.

Extra-long charging cables

I never knew I needed these, but after I lost my original iPhone charger, I ended up buying a few of these six-foot chargers from Anker, and they’re game-changers. They reach all the way to my bed super easily. They’re lazy, sure, but convenient.

I like my Anker cables for a couple of reasons beyond their length, too. I like that they’re bright red (Anker makes them in four colors), so I’m always able to spot them, and I like that the cables are coated in a thicker braided nylon material, instead of the usual hard plastic.

They’re a little more expensive than some of their competitors for these reasons, but they feel great, work reliably, and, most importantly, hold up over time. I use mine every day.

A powerbank

You can charge anything that has a USB port (phone, tablet, kindle, etc.) with this portable charger from Xiaomi. I never leave home without it — it’s amazing and so affordable!

A wireless mouse

After the trackpad on my personal laptop broke, I bought a wireless mouse because it seemed like the most portable alternative option.

Now, I wouldn’t get half my work done without it! There are a lot of benefits to using this mouse, but the biggest one is that I didn’t have to buy a new computer.

A 4-in-1 charging cable

I absolutely love these charging cables — the multi-end one is awesome when you’re traveling and you might have a ton of devices with different ports.

High-quality earbuds

The main reason I love these headphones is they actually stay in my ears — even when I’m running in super windy weather, or doing an intense workout at the gym.

Plus, they’re comfortable, sound great, and have an inline mic/remote that lets you adjust the sound or pause your music without reaching for my phone.

A wireless speaker

The ease of use of this speaker is ridiculous. I have no prior experience with a system that works this well, sounds this good, and is such a breeze to set up.

I can go back in time to assembling a multi-component stereo system, which could consume an hour or two to get right. But even the more modern options I’ve explored, while simple to use, don’t deliver the same listening pleasures.

A fitness tracker

I can’t live without my Fitbit Alta! I’m obsessed with using it to check my sleep, and making sure it records my workouts.

I’m not even a particularly active person; I wouldn’t call myself an athlete, I’m just totally obsessed with it.