How-to use MetaMask to trade/swap SOV — RBTC — DoC — RUSDT on

Here is a quick step-by-step how-to setup MetaMask to interact with But before diving in, I guess you are here because you probably tried several things already.

Maybe you started using Nifty unsuccessfully, or encountered a “checksum error” when trying to fund your MetaMask or couldn’t send RBTC out of Rwallet… So let me start by giving you a few tips.

Useful Tips / Common Mistakes

  1. You Can’t use Nifty and MetaMask simultaneously

Don’t ask why, that’s how it is…
So make sure you go to your Chrome browser extension settings chrome://extensions/ and turn off the one you are not using right now.

Nifty OR MetaMask, you got to choose!

Here are a few errors you may have encountered when having both turned on at the same time.

  • On the Sovryn website: you click on Engage Wallet > Browser and are offered only the MetaMask option while you want to connect Nifty.
  • MetaMask gives you a “wrong network” message.
  • Nifty “send” tokens function disappears from the menu, you simply can’t send your SOV out of Nifty when MetaMask is on. As soon as you turn off MetaMask, then Nifty menu changes and a “send” option appears!

Again, don’t ask me why. It’s just like that…

2. “Recipient address checksum is invalid”

You may have seen this error message when trying to send your tokens from Nifty to MetaMask (SOV or RBTC…)

That is because you copy/pasted the address from MetaMask extension. It appears that you have to change the target address to lowercase first.

You can do this here, or if you don’t want to enter your address on any website, just go to the etherscan page of your address, click on any transaction and copy your address from there: you’ll see it is all lowercase.

Again, don’t ask me why it is so. In my case, the copy paste from MetaMask was “0x40Db8…” and gave me error. The lowercased version “0x40db8…” worked!

3. RBTC is RSK network’s gas!

So you always have to have some in your wallet. You can buy some on KuCoin for example. Transactions cost less or about $1-$2. I keep at least about $20 of RBTC in my wallet.
RBTC on KuCoin:
RBTC on BitFinex:

Other methods to get RBTC:

4. When using Nifty, always check you are on the RSK network when copying the address.

Opposite to MetaMask which uses the same address whatever the network (ERC20, BSC, RSK, Matic…), when you change network on Nifty, the address of the wallet changes! This can lead to bad surprise, some users (including me) didn’t notice that their Nifty wallet had returned to “Ethereum” network and encountered issues when trying to send SOV or RBTC to the address they copied which wasn’t the RSK one!

When using Nifty with, always check you are on the RSK network.

5. You get an “internal server error” when trying to send RBTC or SOV from Rwallet

This can be a tricky one as info about it is hard to find. Here is the only trick I found that will allow you to start trading on fast as of april 2021.

You will have to stop using Rwallet and import the wallet to Nifty.

To do this, start by exporting your Rwallet seed phrase. Go to “Me > My 1st Wallet (replace with any name you chose for your wallet) > Security > Backup. Copy the seed phrase that is shown.

Now, for the trickiest part. If you have already Nifty installed and you already created a wallet, you will notice that you are given the option to import a wallet through a private key, but not a seed phrase! To import through a seed phrase, you will have to log out from Nifty first and then log in using the “Restore from seed phrase” link.

Please make sure you have the seed phrase from your previous wallet stored safely or you may be unable to access it in the future!

Setup MetaMask

  1. Add RSK network to MetaMask uses the RSK blockchain, setup MetaMask to this blockchain.
Follow this procedure :

In short go to your MetaMask Settings > Network > Add Network

Add Network in MetaMask wallet

Fill in the fields:

Name: RSK Mainnet
ChainID: 30
Symbol: RBTC
Block Explorer:

RSK Network settings for MetaMask

2. Import the $SOV contract in your MetaMask

In the Metamask “Assets” tab, click “Add token” at the bottom of tab.
Choose “Custom Token” tab and add the following info:

Token Contract Address: 0xEfC78FC7D48B64958315949279bA181C2114abbD

The other fields will auto-populate.

Add tokens in MetaMask — Paste $SOV contract in the “Token Contract Address” field

3. Connect to Sovryn application

Go to, click on “engage wallet” on the top right.

A pop-up window will appear, click on browser (if appropriate).

You will then be offered several ways to connect. Choose Metamask.

You should then see your wallet is connected on the top right of the window. You can now trade/swap on

This should be about it!
Tell me if you need more help.

Setup other wallets

You can use many other wallets. The most popular apart from MetaMask is Nifty as far as I know, but you can also use Brave, Portis, Liquality…

The Sovryn wiki gives you the different steps for each of these. You will find it here:

Tip Jar

If that helped you and you feel like it, there’s an RSK / ERC-20 / BSC tip jar! Yay!


The article is for informational purposes only. It contains no financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in any crypto project.



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