BabelFish — the future of stablecoins

DeFi on Bitcoin

  • Ethereum: Uniswap, Sushiswap…
  • Polygon: Quickswap, Dfyn, Sushiswap, Adamant, Gravity…
  • Avalanche: Pangolin.
  • BSC: PancakeSwap.
  • Rootstock: Sovryn.

Stablecoins? A fragmented space!

BabelFish — a stablecoin aggregator

  • From multiple issuers.
  • From multiple chains.
© BabelFish

BabelFish — insurance for users

How to catch $FISH?

  • 19,992,000 $FISH for sale (4.76% of total supply).
  • Price: $0.11, priced in RBTC 48hrs before the sale.
  • Purchase limit: $3,000 in RBTC.





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Hagop Demirdjian

Crypto enthusiast since 2017, I love researching new projects, crunching data and helping out when I can.