FNDZ — Copy trading made easy

Are you a good trader? Honestly?

FNDZ — the world’s best DeFi social trading platform

FNDZ platform for copy trading — © FNDZ
  • Transparent fee structure: you know what, to whom and how much you will pay in order to copy a certain trader.
  • A fair order book: the liquidity available on the platform is pooled. There are no buy or sell walls set up to manipulate the markets to your disadvantage.
  • You keep control over the asset you trade. Social trading often relies on derivatives, which means you don’t own the asset but another product created by the platform that is more or less linked to the asset. This means you don’t really own the asset. With FNDZ, you can withdraw the asset to your wallet anytime - it belongs to you. This is also a far better solution than trading on a centralized exchange that may freeze asset withdrawals at any time and for any period of time they see fit!

How do you use the platform? Simply choose a pro trader to copy

Find a pro-trader you want to copy and just do it!— © FNDZ
Browse through pro traders profiles — © FNDZ

Fund the trader’s vault and let him do the work!

Deposit your funds into the pro trader’s vault and you immediately start copying its trades — © FNDZ

How much does it cost?

  • Management fees: these are set by the pro trader who will earn half of them. The other half will be used by the FNDZ platform to buyback and burn $FNDZ tokens.
  • Performance fees: 20% paid to the pro trader for successful management of assets.
  • Redemption fees: paid when the copy-trader decides to leave the vault.
Transparent fees — © FNDZ

Onchain verified PNL

From the pro trader’s perspective

Advertising options for pro traders — © FNDZ
Competions and leaderboards: prizes and increased visibility— © FNDZ

$FNDZ — the platform token

  • Pro traders have to pay a vault creation fee in $FNDZ.
  • Pro traders will need $FNDZ to pay for advertising.
  • Referral fees will be paid in $FNDZ.
  • All users of the platform will be able to stake FNDZ and earn a fraction of the performance fees platform wide.
$FNDZ token will fuel the platform — © FNDZ





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