FNDZ — Crypto Copy Trading For Tomorrow’s Millionaires

Copy trading is a unique method of social trading that allows a person to automatically copy open positions made by another person that has been selected. This affords beginners or even intermediate traders in the financial markets to automatically follow more experienced and profitable traders.

According to a 2012 study carried out by MIT, it was shown that individuals who utilized the capability of copy trading fared significantly better than individuals who traded by themselves. Following the massive successes from copy trading, the sector received a massive surge of patrons. From the first forms of copy trading which took place on forums as far back in 2005 to the modern platforms in 2021, it is undeniable that copy trading has come to stay with the market touted to reach 70 billion by the end of 2025.

With cryptocurrencies, where trading is 24/7 and the opportunity to trade never sleeps, the concept of copy trading is picking up serious steam following the antics of social trading forums like r/Wall Street Bets and Satoshi Street Bets with users regularly sharing tips, strategies, and a handful of memes. As the world marches towards a digital and decentralized future, FNDZ was conceptualized to provide a copy-trading platform for DeFi giving users the capabilities of copy-trading coupling with a ton of ancillary features.

What Is FNDZ?

FNDZ is the pioneering platform for DeFi copy trading that leverages the power of social trading and decentralization to provide a seamless trading experience for users. FNDZ allows users to follow the exact cryptocurrency trades of their favorite crypto trader without the hassle of monitoring the charts 24/7. In bringing this offering to the Cryptoverse, FNDZ set out to accomplish two things: The first is to improve the profitability of retail traders, and the second, to reward skillful traders with the opportunity to earn with their skill.

What Are The Benefits of FNDZ?

FNDZ offers users a myriad of benefits that give it an edge over the closest competition. FNDZ gives users total control over their assets despite the assets being deposited in the vault as they can be easily withdrawn through a unique wallet ID. The easy-to-use interface, decentralization, and the fact that the platform is governed through multiple smart contracts greatly reduce the occurrence of exchange risks like hacks.

Furthermore, FNDZ uses a fair order book that is independent of market makers which provides users with a transparent fee structure. In addition, trading challenges are created on the platform, and prizes are given every week. The top-performing traders form a leaderboard, giving them more visibility from users of the platform and the on-chain verified PNL ensures the transparency of the record.

What Are the Fees Obtainable On FNDZ?

FNDZ will make use of the FNDZ token as the primary token for governance, fees, and reward. Some of the fees that are accruable to users are management fees that are shared between the trader and the FNDZ platform. A performance fee of 2% is also payable to FNDZ token stakers from the purse of successful traders while the redemption fee is to be paid by a trader after he pulls out from the vault.

Competition to FNDZ

While FNDZ is the pioneering platform for social trading that is wholly decentralized, it has competition from centralized copy trading platforms like eToro, PrimeXBT, Shrimpy, and 3Commas. Competition is good, it shows the market is actively growing and innovation is needed to drive continued growth.

One of the advantages that FNDZ has over these platforms is that a majority of these platforms come with undisclosed fees, a small pool of assets, and the major hurdle of trades being based on derivatives meaning that traders do not own the assets that are being traded.


The popularity of copy trading and the boom in the number of cryptocurrency users in recent times has made it necessary for a DeFi based copy trading platform to be established. This need birthed the FNDZ platform which is packed with a ton of capabilities to ensure a rewarding experience for both traders and users. The stellar features of the offering make it worth all the hype.

For more information on FNDZ please visit them at:

Website: https://fndz.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/M-cGJOpsWkpmZTNk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FNDZtoken

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Disclaimer: My research and articles are for educational and information purposes only. My views are my own. They are not investment advice.



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