reBaked — Don’t freelance for a project, become a co-owner!

Have you ever tried to work as a freelancer, or hire one? The main platforms to find or offer work are Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. They’re all built on the same model, where freelancers compete with each other to get the job. This leads to a race to the bottom in terms of pricing, especially for new freelancers that are yet to build a reputation.

On the hiring side, you see dozens of applications by candidates, some of whom don’t even meet the minimal requirements for the job. Finding the right candidate is like finding the needle in the proverbial haystack.

What if a platform could allow freelancers to be more than bounty hunters competing with each other for each job, one that would rather have them become “contributors” that could show what they are capable of in exchange for a stake in the project? That is what reBaked is all about, revolutionizing the freelancing world and the launchpad ecosystem: two birds with one stone!

Freelancing through reBaked

Tasks on reBaked will be structured in such a way that freelancers will bid to get the job and will earn a fixed minimum payment if they get it. This first part is similar to what you find on all outsourcing platforms. But on reBaked, freelancers are incentivized to deliver work of the highest quality, paid to them through bonuses.
Let’s detail two extreme cases where two freelancers are selected for the same job:

  • The first freelancer delivers an okayish product. They get the agreed upon payment, but the project owner is free to ask for an increase in quality to continue working with the freelancer or to choose another one.
  • The second freelancer delivers an outstanding product. The project owner can then pay them a bonus, thus incentivizing the freelancer. A fruitful collaboration can develop further from there.

Well, how is that different from a regular outsourcing platform? It is unique because the freelancer is paid in the project’s tokens. But what if the project is only at conception stage and has no token yet? This is where reBaked is a first mover in the crypto space. It is not an outsourcing platform nor a launchpad, it is both at the same time and much more…

Not a launchpad, but a “fair launchpad”

Have you ever tried to invest early in a crypto project? Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) were all the rage in 2021 but they can be a beast to master!

The crypto projects launch space is filled with scams trying to defraud investors and legit projects are plagued with arbitrage bots scooping the initial liquidity and dumping on buyers.

One solution to get early exposure to good projects is to go through launchpads like Paid Ignition, Polkastarter or BSCPad. They vet the projects they accept on their platform and some have anti-bot features. But even then you may encounter several issues. First of all you may have to own a large amount of launchpad tokens to get an allocation. Then, even with a large investment in the launchpad you may not be guaranteed an allocation but only a spot in a lottery to win one. And last but not least, if you finally get access to the sale, you still may end up with a ridiculously low allocation (I’ve had a $9 allocation for a project vested for 6 months on BSCPad…).

reBaked is a game changer in this area: it allows crypto projects to reward contributors according to their skills and the quality of their contribution to the project. For the first time, early investors will be encouraged to show their talent in any domain: marketing, graphics creation, article writing, translation… and be rewarded with stakes in the project. The more they contribute with quality work the more they will earn, increasing their interest to see the project succeed. This is a virtuous cycle that will allow the building of strong community-owned projects making reBaked a pioneer in the ownership economy, where the revenues of contributors are tied to the performance of the project.

The owner, the contributor and… the sponsor

We’ve already met two central characters in the reBaked ecosystem: the Owner of the crypto project and the Contributor. But reBaked allows anyone to be part of a project’s community by becoming a Sponsor.

The Sponsor doesn’t have a stake in the project but they bring capital for a set period of time and earn a fixed rate of interest. This liquidity will help the project cover the starting development costs and reward its first contributors, hence launching the movement.

$BAKED token and IDO

reBaked will have a governance token, ticker $BAKED, that will allow its holders to:

  • Stake and participate in the governance of the protocol
  • Earn a fee on projects launched on the platform

reBaked will have an IDO by the end of August/beginning of September.


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This article is for informational purposes only. It contains no financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in any crypto project.



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